Monday, June 27, 2016

Supply Chain Execution with SAP software

In this three-minute video, Markus Rosemann, VP Solution Management, Supply Chain Execution, SAP, talks about SAP solutions for logistics and fulfillment. Learn more about SAP solutions for Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, and Track & Trace.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

SAP Supply Chain Execution Platform: How it Addresses Today's Business Challenges

In this 2-minutes video, Markus Rosemann, VP Solutions, Supply Chain Execution, SAP, talks about today's business challenges like increasing demand volatility and supply chain complexity, and the need for customer centricity and speed to fulfill service expectations. See how SAP solutions for logistics and fulfillment can help.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP - YouTube

Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP - YouTube: "Gain an understanding of how the Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP differentiates the Vertex O Series solution in the market, new features, benefits and installation requirements."

Friday, June 24, 2016

SAP Integrated Business Planning - Business Trends and New Solution Capabilities

SAP Executive Martin Barkman describes how SAP Integrated Business Planning enables customers to do medium-to-long-term forecasting, and also to improve short-term demand planning. Receiving real-time information and running what-if scenarios allow quick actions. Based on the HANA cloud platform, the solution helps better serve the customers' needs.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Microsoft-LinkedIn deal decoded: Google can relax, Oracle and SAP should worry | Hindustan Times

Microsoft-LinkedIn deal decoded: Google can relax, Oracle and SAP should worry: "I think the deal is neutral to Google, and slightly negative to Facebook, only because Zuckerberg had some dreams about building a professional side to the network and probably will be less motivated to do so now. But I believe the deal is hugely threatening to SAP, Oracle and Salesforce. It can change the very nature of B2B IT strategy – and potentially create a huge barrier that can lock out these mega-billion dollar players from the big buyers. CIOs will be interested to know how it can change their company’s life. And if Microsoft plays its cards well, change it can. Startups CEOs can benefit too. Can they have their appointment calendars and email on Outlook auto-filled with data about the people they’re meeting and writing to from LinkedIn? Maybe. Can LinkedIn messaging do a better job than Slack can? Foreseeably. Can it be a great plug-in? Sure."

SAP EWM helps duty-free retailer Heinemann deliver 99.9% on time

Stefan Oltmanns is Head of Programme Management at Gebr. Heinemann KG, a global player in the travel sector. He talks about the new challenge to also deliver goods to their customers’ homes within 48 hours, and how the SAP EWM standard solution could actually meet all their needs without any modifications. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SAP's Arbia to Simplify Direct Materials Procurement - June 15, 2016 -

NEWS: SAP's Arbia to Simplify Direct Materials Procurement - June 15, 2016 - "Leveraging on the competence of Arbia Network, the Ariba Collaborative Sourcing Professional can easily connect with ERP and execution systems which will eventually bring efficiency gains and savings for clients. It will help business enterprises better connect with people, processes and indentify information procurement needs, thereby perfecting their sourcing activities. Some of the notable benefits of the Ariba Collaborative Sourcing Professional include the speeding up of product launches, improved tracking of item costs across time and contract compliance. Procurement, a crucial part of effective supply chain management, requires coordination of multiple high quality components sourced at low cost to allow smooth running of business organizations."

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SAP TIP: Running LSMW in the background

There are 3 main executable tasks. As long as these can run  in the background and their results can be placed on the application server then the process can be run in the background.

After creating your LSMW proceed as follows:

1) Go to the step called “Specify Files” and check the file name for: Imported Data File for Imported Data (Application Server)
2) Go to the step called “Specify Files” and check the file name for: Converted Data File for Converted Data (Application Server)
3) Proceed through all steps manually in the foreground including the Read data step if you are loading a file from the front-end.
4) Go to the “Convert Data” step and check the program name of this step by using the menu path: System–>Status. On the same screen (selection parameter screen for “Convert Data”) save the selection parameters as a variant. This saves the Application Server file names for background processing.
5) Go to SM36 and define a background job with program step, using: The Convert Data program name and variant in step 4.

Uncovering Risk From SAP HANA Vulnerabilities Can Be Simple and Easy

Uncovering Risk From SAP HANA Vulnerabilities Can Be Simple and Easy: "The latest reports about SAP HANA vulnerabilities reveal some critical vulnerabilities related to authentication, authorizations, patches and misconfigurations, which could make SAP HANA systems a high risk for customers. If any of these known vulnerabilities are exploited, it could result in significant business loss to customers running SAP HANA in applications. Other consequences related to an exploit or data breach include failed compliance, brand reputation impact and declining customer trust resulting in churn."

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