Friday, April 24, 2015

SAP Event Management BAPI OSS Notes

BAPI OSS Notes (AS of 1/25/2011)


OSS Note #DescriptionRelease Date
1493908Performance when mapping event message parameters07-30-2010
1306046Performance during event processing in BAPI02-19-2009
1298260Termination when system issues an event message01-27-2009
1239255Incorrect error handling in PARAMETER_CHANGE rule activity08-13-2008
1062282Incorrect WCL Customizing (Dictionary parameter)06-05-2007
934792Activity EVM_EE_UPDATE: Inserting multiple EEs fails03-24-2006
886762Invalid Event Dates when reporting Events via WCL10-20-2005
639950Wrong BADI call: error handling is missing07-15-2003


OSS Note #DescriptionRelease Date
910555Filter profiles in /saptrx/eh_list do not work correctly12-29-2005
632349Text selection in BAPI /SAPTRX/BAPI_EH_GET_DATA too slow05-24-2004
631273Status attributes with initial value doe not display text06-12-2003
594150WCL-EM: Bugs in interface and wrong consolidation of events03-21-2003
561079Search with multiple tracking IDs returns wrong set10-09-2002


OSS Note #DescriptionRelease Date
1493744Unnecessary DB accesses in parameter mapping (BAPI_EH_POST)07-29-2010


OSS Note #DescriptionRelease Date
632349Text selection in BAPI /SAPTRX/BAPI_EH_GET_DATA too slow05-24-2004


OSS Note #DescriptionRelease Date
760035Query ID contains log. system instead of appl. system name08-02-2004
641822Missing assignment of reporting partner name in message head07-16-2003
639950Wrong BADI call: error handling is missing.07-15-2003
631273Status attributes with initial value doe not display text06-12-2003
617701Comb. selection by query ID and tracking ID does not work05-08-2003
614367Duplicate inserts on event handler tables04-14-2003
546354BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT not executed after rules processing08-20-2002

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Explaining the PO confirmation control key

Purchase Order Item Confirmations Tabstrips:
The confirmation control key controls the process subsequent to the creation of the PO. 
E.g. For some important materials with long delivery times, you wish to receive advance information (via the shipping notification or inbound delivery) about the expected GR date so that you can include this information in the availability check.

Print to a USB printer from SAP

Is printing to a USB-printer using LOCL from SAP possible?  
Yes, as long as this printer is defined on local workstation, it will work.  
SAPLPD doesn't care on how the printer is connected, as long as Windows can print to it, SAPLPD will do its work.  
Define one new device, also consider giving : 
Device type as SAPWIN 
Host Printer __default (yes, two underscores default) 
Access Method : F 
Make sure your desktop/PC Windows default printer is set to this USB printer.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PO related transactions


- MEMASSPO : Mass maintenance of POs
- MEMASSRQ : Mass maintenance of PRs
- MEMASSCONTRACT : Mass Maintenance of Contracts
- MEMASSSA : Mass Maintenance of Scheduling Agreements
- MEMASSIN : Mass Maintenance of info records
- XK99     : Mass Maintenance of vendors

Global MDM versus Local BPM | Liliendahl on Data Quality

The linkage between Master Data Management (MDM) and Business Process Management (BPM) was intensively discussed at a workshop on a MDM conference organized by Marcus Evans in Barcelona, Spain today. More than 30 master data professionals from a range of large mainly European originated companies attended the workshop.
There was a broad agreement about that the intersection between MDM and BPM is growing – and should be doing so.
One of the challenges identified is that MDM tends to be global within the enterprise while BPM tends to be local. Read the full article at

California Board of Pharmacy Issues Licensing Guidance for 3PLs

The California Board of Pharmacy issued guidance this week outlining the process for obtaining the licensing as third-party logistics providers or non-resident third-party logistics providers in the state. This requirement extends to all 3PLs that ship pharmaceuticals to or from California.
Prior to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), 3PLs were required to obtain licensing as a wholesaler—now 3PLs and wholesalers are separate entities under California law.
Read the full story at IWLA

Creating a Cluster View


We have 3 tables related to each other as shown below. We want to be able to maintain the table in a hierarchical manner. i.e. We create 1 entry in the header table, then we select that entry and create multiple lines underneath the header, then we select one of the lines and add multiple schedules under that…
This way of creating cluster view maintenance screens is very powerful and allows your users to maintain tables with complex relationships rather easily.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Standard reports / T-Codes

There is a great WIKI page on SCN that shows a lists of SAP T-Codes broken down in to functional areas. Check it out.

US FDA Amends eMDR Rules to align with Unique Device Identification Program - Posted on RAPS

US medical device regulators at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have issued correcting amendments to their post-market electronic Medical Device Reporting (eMDR) requirements to eliminate any disparities between those rules and their Unique Device Identification (UDI) system.

All changes will affect federal regulation 21 CFR Part 803 covering medical device reporting. Among the changes in the FDA final rule are requirements for what manufacturers, user facilities and importers should include in adverse event reports: identifying device number such as model, catalog, serial or lot number; expiration date; and UDI appearing on device label or package.

View full article on RAPS -> US FDA Amends eMDR Rules to align with Unique Device Identification Program

ALE Scenario Development Blog

This is the material that inspired the creation of SAP Genie, know known as ERPGenie....
Blog on SDN for ALE development -