Monday, March 30, 2015

TIP: SAP EM Overdue Monitor Performance Notes

You can use the /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_ADVANCED report instead of the standard /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR report. Below is a list of points used to improve performance of the /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_ADVANCED report:

  1. Use option – Use only Expected Event Date (Make sure that EE MONITOR activity profile is considering only Expected event date to check for overdue events)

  2. Selection Options – If EE Monitor profile activity is not using either control, info, system or Event Message then check all the boxes) For example – If EE Monitor profile is using control parameter ZEM_PLANT to check expected event PGI for overdue then make sure not to check the control parameter box and select the rest.

You can also use the /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_PACK report. This report helps improve performance as mentioned below:

  1. Event Date From and To:

    • This will reduce the selection of records for a certain date and time to check overdue expected events (check overdue events in the last 1 hour or 1 day)

  2. Internal Event Code:

    • This will reduce the selection further to event level for which the overdue monitor needs to check (E.g. If the Delivery event handler has 4 expected events then it will just look for the one mentioned in selection criteria)

    • You can schedule EE_MONITOR_PACK in parallel jobs based on events to reduce the runtime of the overall job run

  3. Additionally you can perform the steps that I mentioned above to improve performance using program /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_ADVANCED.

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