Monday, April 27, 2015

Identification Of Pharma Cases In The U.S. - Dirk Rodgers

Article from Dirk Rodgers - "Last week I discussed controversy over the use of GS1’s Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) in the Brazil pharma supply chain to meet regulatory requirements imposed by ANVISA. But there are different controversies, or at least potential confusion, in the U.S. pharma supply chain surrounding case labels, and some of those are relate to the SSCC and its use. 
A case product identification label is the label a manufacturer usually places on each homogeneous case at case-packing time to identify what is inside the corrugated box. A “homogenous case” is a case that contains units from a single NDC and all units are from a single packaging lot. The product identification label should not be confused with a shipping/logistics label, which, if it exists, is applied at the time of shipment and contains information about the destination.
Typically, cases that are shipped from a higher-volume manufacturer to a larger wholesale distributor will be placed onto a pallet. The pallet often has cases of multiple products, and even different homogeneous cases of the same product can contain different lot numbers. You can sometimes even find a Non-homogeneous case mixed in with the homogeneous cases. Further, cases on the same pallet can actually be fulfilling different purchase orders submitted by the buyer. All of these variations complicate the job of the receiving clerk." - Read full article at

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