Saturday, April 18, 2015

List of useful SAP BW transaction codes

  • RSA2 Display BW Datasource 
  • RSA5 Transfer Business Content DataSources 
  • RSBBS Query Jump Targets 
  • RSO2 Generic Data Extraction Tools. Maintain / Create datasource 
  • DB02 Table and Indexes Monitor 
  • DB04 Database Performance Monitor 
  • DB12 BW Backup logs 
  • DB13 Database administrator Oracle Planning Calendar 
  • DB16 Overview of Database Check Messages 
  • LISTSCHEMA List Schemas 
  • PFCG Authorisation 
  • RRMX Business Analyser Loader 
  • RS12 Overview of master data locks 
  • RSA1 Administrator’s Workbench 
  • RSQ02 Maintain Infosets transactions 
  • RSQ10 Roles for Infoset query 
  • RSRV Analysis and repair of BW Objects 
  • RSSM Reporting Authorisation Objects
  • RSZC Copy Queries between cubes 
  • RSZDELETE Delete queries and workbooks 
  • RSZV Maintaining variables 
  • SM31 Table maintenance 
  • RZ10 Maintain profile parameters 
  • RZ20 CCMS monitoring 
  • SALE IMG for ALE 
  • SBIW Implementation Guide / Datasources Control Centre 
  • SCC4 Display/Add Client 
  • SCCL Copy Client 
  • SGEN SAP Load Generator 
  • SPAD Spool Administration 
  • ST02 Database Tune Summary 
  • ST03 Workload Monitor 
  • ST04 Database Performance Monitor 
  • STMS Transport Manager 
  • SU01 SAP user maintenance ( Create new user ) 
  • PFTC Workflow task maintain 

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