Thursday, April 16, 2015

SAP Global Batch Traceability - What is it?

SAP Global Batch Traceability 1.0 integrates natively with SAP ERP – enabling single-entry insight into a corporate product batch genealogy with the push of a button reporting on
  • bad batch distribution for precision holds, withdrawals and recall,
  • stock overviews in order to internally restrict bad batch stock
  • process multiple batches in a single run
  • material balance reporting
Batch Genealogy
Batch Genealogy
SAP’s Global Batch Traceability Repository will allow you to very easily search for batches, explore your genealogy graphically for all movements created in your SAP system, easily view top-down and bottom-up where-used lists,report on multiple batches in a single run, identify and maintain broken
links and easily create and use reports through multiple SAP, ERP and 3rd party record systems.


SAP Global Batch Traceability accelerates time to insight into product batch issues and helps you to:
  • Minimize the impact a product recall may have on your customers and their customers
  • Support product issue investigations – perform root cause analysis and recalls
  • Help trace batches for both inter and intra-company
  • Protect your customer
  • Protect your brand
  • Contain corporate liabilities relating to product batch issues
  • Limit financial risk exposure relating to product issues
  • Comply with regulatory reporting deadlines

SAP shortcomings addressed by SAP GBT

  • If you need to resolve an issue today with a batch / Serial Number or Handling Unit, there is no complete product genealogy tracing available in SAP thru all materials purchased, consumed, manufactured and distributed in the supply network.
  • No cross-system tracing capabilities exists today in SAP
  • Inability to analyze multiple tracking objects (e.g. batches / serial numbers / handling units) in a single run for either bottom up or top down reports and movements
  • Data is inconsistent with missing data links between tracking objects or broken links across systems
SAP GBT Batch Network Graphic
SAP GBT Batch Network Graphic



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