Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SAP TM 9.2, SAP EWM 9.2 and SAP EM 9.2 released 11th November in Rampup

SAP released release 9.2 for EM, TM and EWM. Read the details below.
SAP Transportation Management Release 9.2 offers HANA optimization with additional SAP HANA Live/Smart Business content allowing transportation managers the ability to identify and correct issues before they escalate.
Carrier focus innovations include fleet optimization through manual planning with Gantt Charts and complete mass billing and invoicing capabilities. Enhanced integration to Event Management makes for better-informed decisions through exception monitoring and alerting. With Strategic Freight Management, the complete tender-to-contract process for shippers and quote-to-contract process for logistics service providers (LSPs) is now covered.
SAP Extended Warehouse Management Release 9.2 gives you the option of mapping your entire warehouse complex in detail in the system, down to storage bin level. Latest release of EWM 9.2 supports seamless integration in ERP production process and simplified EWM / ERP communication.
In addition, Material Flow System is enhanced to support multi-depth storage bin and the corresponding put away/stock removal strategies are available.
SAP Event Management Release 9.2 along with additional SAP HANA Live / Smart Business content offers an enticing user experience for occasional as well as operational power users. The alternative, transactional Fiori application is showcased by freight order visibility. Transportation managers are further supported by new Smart Business content for freight order execution performance, with a pre-built tight integration into SAP Transportation Management.

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