Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TIP: What can I do with BAdI /SAPTRX/BADI_EH_S?

Manipulate date before taking your actions:
  1. BEFORE_EH_POST    Before posting event handler data from application system
  2. BEFORE_EH_SAVE    Before saving event handler data
  3. BEFORE_EH_STATUS_CHECK    Before checking event handler status
  4. BEFORE_EH_SEARCH    Before EH searching
  5. CHECK_FOR_CHANGES    Check for significant EH changes; re-create EH if true

Manipulate the EH After you have taken your actions:
  1. AFTER_EH_SAVE    After saving event handler data
  2. AFTER_EH_STATUS_CHECK    After checking event handler status
  3. SET_LAST_EVENT_MSG    Set the last event message guid in the EH header
  4. SET_EVENT_STATUS    Set the event status (expected and unexpected)

Manipulate data after searching but before displaying the data for an EH:
  1. AFTER_GET_DATA    After getting event handler data
  2. AFTER_GET_DATA_DISP    After getting event handler data for display
  3. AFTER_GET_DATA_EH_LIST    After getting event handler detail data in /SAPTRX/EH_LIST

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