Friday, April 17, 2015

Using SAP Event Management to ensure cold chain compliance

Serialization is a buzz right now, and for good reason as the DQSA kicks in to "low" gear. Pharma companies can no longer procrastinate and need to start the long process of imbdessing serialization in to all phases of their supply chain. The fun part is that they need to become compliant to satisfy the regulatory need but also need to ensure that their supply chain operates as efficiently in order to remain financially viable as a business. That is no easy task. I do digress a little from the topic I want to write about in this article although it is relevant to compliance.

I was asked by a Pharma manufacturer to provide a way to measure the duration that each drug spent outside of the required temperature range. Each drug differed but typically a budget of hours is provided that it could be outside of the 2-8deg C. In addition the sum total of all the raw materials as they move from staging through production, filling, inspection, packaging, storage and transportation. Basically, when the product is delivered to the pharmacist they needed to be able to say that for that vile it was outside cold storage for x number of hours and the remainder that is allowed is y hours. 

Well, we set about show just how neatly SAP's track and trace tool call SAP Event  Management could be leveraged to provide the solution. After 4 short weeks I was able to demonstrate fully the needed functionality as stated. I won't say that a solution ready at an enterprise level for productive use would take 6 weeks but I will say that without a doubt the solution was both viable and relevant. 
This was a POC that delivered on its promise and is worth sharing with others facing similar needs. Just 1 more unique use of SAP EM. Below is an example of our demo screen. 
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