Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Creating a pricing report without using ABAP

You may have a need to generate an ad-hoc pricing report showing condition records, values and validity dates - Check out this technique as it does not involve ABAP in any way - It's all done through the magic of configuration.

SOLUTION: SAP provides a standard solution that allows you to create a pricing report. The following took me literally 2 minutes to configure and run.
  • Run transaction SPRO to access the IMG: Go to menu -> Sales and Distribution –> Basic Functions –> Pricing –> Maintain Pricing Report
  • Select “Create Pricing Report”
  • Enter a Name and Title to describe your report - Start the Name with a Z if you can to denote it as one that a customer has created
  • Next step is to select a field that is a part of the condition table within your access sequence assigned to your condition type.
  • Continue to select the OR or AND buttons depending on the number of fields you have selected.
  • A list of all the pricing tables which contain the selected field will be presented to you. Select the tables for which you would like the report to extract the data.
  • The last step requires you to select which fields are used as selection parameters. All fields have a position assigned in the report; Page Header –Group Header –Item level - See below
  • Run transaction V/LD to execute your newly created pricing report. Below is the resulting selection screen and result screen for the pricing report for customer / material pricing records I created
Selection Screen as configured
Results of Custom Configured Pricing Report

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