Monday, May 25, 2015

Report to check if finance or sales view missing for a customer master record


You find that your master data process leads to customer records that occasionally have missing sales or finance views. How can we easily find these records and address them.


  1. I like to use Workflow to manage the creation of master data to ensure proactive maintenance of master data views - i.e. When a customer is created and it's missing the sales or finance view then send a work item to the sales or finance team in order to have them create it. The workflow is only terminated once the view has been created. Businesses that need to follow a compliance process often use this technique and have the QA team be the last in the process to release the master data object for general use.
  2. A second option available (for customer master) is to use the transaction OV50. This report shows the sales areas created for customer master records for which there are missing finance / company code views and visa versa.
OV50 Selection Screen
OV50 Result Screen

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