Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SAP and Google planning on integrating more...

"SAP (Systems Applications and Products) is one of the biggest and most known inter-enterprise software company that focuses on managing business operations and customer relations. The company has offices in 130 countries around the globe and over 282,000 customers. SAP CEO, Bill McDermott, announced a new partnership during this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW keynote; Google will be collaborating closely with SAP with a goal of making work simpler, further improve productivity, and extend collaboration for both companies’ employees. Google and SAP will focus on enterprise mobility, which will make use of Android for Work and SAP Mobile Secure 2.7; business analytics with Google Apps and SAP Lumira, and business applications; this last will make it possible to move data from Google to SAP applications without any major hassle, creating a simpler workflow for both companies. Both Google and SAP will take advantage of each other’s services and applications, meaning that this partnership will benefit the two companies equally.

SAP and Google will first work together to enhance how “mobile” their enterprises are. With Android for Work, it is now be possible for customers to make any place, their workplace; ever since last month, SAP has shipped SAP Mobile Secure 2.7 with Android for Work support, which shows interest from SAP towards accelerating the adoption of Google’s work environment for Android. The second objective of the Google-SAP partnership is business analytics, this will be achieved with the use of Google’s own apps, specially those that allow for real time collaboration. The SAP Lumira platform will now implement Google Apps in order to seamlessly move data between both companies’ platforms. This has already been somewhat implemented in Google Sheets, with the SAP Lumira extensions framework, which the company offers; SAP Lumira lets users create captivating visualizations, dashboards and insights. This functionality is planned to be implemented completely throughout Google Drive, allowing for files inside SAP Lumira to be shared through Drive as native Google Docs files for better collaboration. SAP and Google are also working together to integrate both companies business applications into one another, allowing for quick sharing or transference of files between SAP and Google applications; the first areas that will see this integration are SAP’s SuccessFactors HCM and SAP Fiori..."

Read the full article at https://www.androidheadlines.com/2015/05/sap-working-google-improve-workflow-companies.html

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