Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SAP EM - Direct Search via URL

Daniel Haerder from SAP just released the news that there is a new feature available for SAP EM 9.0 (SP07 or note 2005297) which allows for the using of URL parameters when starting the EM web UI. The parameters will allow you to select a web interface transaction and trigger the search directly. Launching the SAP EM Web UI URL with the parameters will send you straight to the result list on the 'Search Result' tab corresponding to the search parameters that have been provided in the URL. The provided search parameters are still available then on the 'Search' tab so that you can further manipulate them accordingly.
The URL will be of the format: 
https://<em_server>/sap/bc/webdynpro/saptrx/em_fpm_ui?sap-client=<sy-mandt>&sap-language=EN&EMSEL_WIT=<web int. transaction>&EMSEL_<selection field>=(I;EQ;<value1>;),(I;EQ;<value2>;)&EMSEL_MAX_HITS_CHECKED=X
Note: URL Parameter ‘EMSEL_MAX_HITS_CHECKED’ has been introduced with note 2161001 (available with EM 9.0 SP11 and EM 9.2 SP03)
Use cases:
This will allow you to bookmark your favorite search criteria... It will also allow you to roll out to production with a preset set of bookmarks which match the criteria that you have designed for. e.g. Use this bookmark if you are searching for all "Late" deliveries expected to be received in our Houston warehouse today. View Daniel's document on SCN here for a complete description of the functionality.
We have often seen that it is difficult to train folks to use the reports in the right way - With this functionality you could simply force the issue by providing a folder of bookmarks of all the relevant searches for the users. Once they see the selection they could simply save it as a variant on the SAP EM Web UI so that the report is available without having to click the bookmark.

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