Thursday, May 21, 2015

TIP: Editing SAP table contents

Here is an old tip but a good one.
ISSUE: We have the need to change a value in a table that is not open for maintenance. PS: You should only use this technique in a dev / test environment. Also, if it does not work in your system then the functionality has been deactivated (refer to OSS note 1420281)

  • Start transaction SE16N (key to use SE16N and not SE16)
  • Enter the table name (e.g. VBAK) and hit enter
  • Type &sap_edit in the command bar and hit enter as shown below
    SE16N table editing
  • A message "SAP editing function is activated" is shown at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter your selection criteria and execute
  • The resulting list of entries is open for editing and saving - PROCEED with caution as no referential or application validation is checked in this method - i.e. You could mess things up pretty quickly if you get this wrong!!!

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