Wednesday, May 27, 2015

TIP: Seeing what views are missing from your material master

When you create a material master you may not have all the information available to generate all the required views. The nice thing is that there is a table in SAP that stores an entry for each view that has not been created. It would be a simply thing to write a report or better still, create a workflow to ensure that all the required views for you materials have been created before they are made available for use. To review this tables details let's run through an example.

The table in question to list material master views that have not been created is MOFF.
The key field here is STATM that indicates the view/s that have not been created. Possible values for STATM are:
  • A    Work scheduling
  • B    Accounting
  • C    Classification
  • D    MRP
  • E    Purchasing
  • F    Production resources/tools
  • G    Costing
  • K    Basic data
  • L    Storage
  • P    Forecasting
  • Q    Quality management
  • S    Warehouse management
  • V    Sales
  • X    Plant stocks
  • Z    Storage location stocks
I have created a material KEVIN1 and only filled out the base UOM and description. On creation of the material the MOFF table looks like this:
You can see that, amongst others, the sales view has not been maintained.

After maintaining the sales information of the material the resulting MOFF table entries are affected as follows:
The row for STATM = V (Sales) has been removed - i.e. The sales view has been maintained.
PS: This does not mean that the information in the sales view was maintained correctly but at least we can be sure that it was maintained.

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