Friday, May 15, 2015

TIP: VBFA table uncovered

The document flow table VBFA is a key table when looking for related documents. Let's take a look at it.

Document Type list is as follows:

A Inquiry
B Quotation
C Order
D Item proposal
E Scheduling agreement
F Scheduling agreement with external service agent
G Contract
H Returns
I Order w/o charge
J Delivery
K Credit memo request
L Debit memo request
M Invoice
N Invoice cancellation
O Credit memo
P Debit memo
Q WMS transfer order
R Goods movement
S Credit memo cancellation
T Returns delivery for order
U Pro forma invoice
V Purchase order
W Independent reqts plan
X Handling unit
0 Master contract
1 Sales activities (CAS)
2 External transaction
3 Invoice list
4 Credit memo list
5 Intercompany invoice
6 Intercompany credit memo
7 Delivery/shipping notification
8 Shipment
a Shipment costs
c Unverified delivery
e Allocation table
g Rough Goods Receipt (only IS-Retail)
h Cancel goods issue
i Goods receipt
j JIT call
r TD Transport (only IS-Oil)
s Load confirmation, reposting (only IS-Oil)
t Gain    /  loss    (only IS-Oil)
u Reentry into storage (only IS-Oil)
v 2-step Goods receipt (only IS-Oil)
w Reservation (only IS-Oil)
x Load confirmation, goods receipt (only IS-Oil)
$ (AFS)


In  the table below the relationship of the documents are as follows:
Document number VBELV with line number POSNV of type VBTYP_V has a subsequent document with number VBELN, item POSNN that has type VBTYP_N.
So if you have a sales order 1000000 item 10 that has had a delivery 800000 line item 20 created from it the fields would be populated with the following values:
Sales Order
  • VBELV = 1000000
  • POSNV = 10
  • VBTYP_V = C
Subsequent Document - Delivery
  • VBELN = 800000
  • POSNN = 20
  • VBTYP_N = J

VBELV VBELN_VON CHAR 10 0 Preceding sales and distribution document
POSNV POSNR_VON NUMC 6 0 Preceding item of an SD document
VBELN VBELN_NACH CHAR 10 0 Subsequent sales and distribution document
POSNN POSNR_NACH NUMC 6 0 Subsequent item of an SD document
VBTYP_N VBTYP_N CHAR 1 0 Document category of subsequent doc - See document type list above
RFMNG RFMNG QUAN 15 3 Referenced quantity in base unit of measure
MEINS MEINS UNIT 3 0 Base Unit of Measure
RFWRT RFWRT CURR 15 2 Reference value
WAERS WAERS_V CUKY 5 0 Statistics currency
VBTYP_V VBTYP_V CHAR 1 0 Document category of preceding SD doc - See document type list above
PLMIN PLMIN CHAR 1 0 Quantity is calculated positively, negatively or not at all
TAQUI TAQUI CHAR 1 0 ID: MM-WM transfer order confirmed
ERDAT ERDAT DATS 8 0 Date on which the record was created
ERZET ERZET TIMS 6 0 Entry time
MATNR MATNR CHAR 18 0 Material Number
BWART BWART CHAR 3 0 Movement Type (Inventory Management)
BDART BDART CHAR 2 0 Requirement type
PLART PLART CHAR 1 0 Planning type
STUFE STUFE_VBFA NUMC 2 0 Level of the document flow record
LGNUM LGNUM CHAR 3 0 Warehouse Number / Warehouse Complex
AEDAT AEDAT DATS 8 0 Date of Last Change
FKTYP FKTYP CHAR 1 0 Billing category
BRGEW BRGEW_15 QUAN 15 3 Gross weight
GEWEI GEWEI UNIT 3 0 Weight Unit
VOLUM VOLUM_15 QUAN 15 3 Volume
VOLEH VOLEH UNIT 3 0 Volume unit
FPLNR FPLNR CHAR 10 0 Billing plan number / invoicing plan number
FPLTR FPLTR NUMC 6 0 Item for billing plan/invoice plan/payment cards
RFMNG_FLO RFMNG_FLTV FLTP 16 16 Referenced quantity in sales unit (float)
RFMNG_FLT RFMNG_FLT FLTP 16 16 Referenced quantity in base unit of measure (float)
VRKME VRKME UNIT 3 0 Sales unit
ABGES ABGES_CM FLTP 16 16 Guaranteed (factor between 0 and 1)
SOBKZ SOBKZ CHAR 1 0 Special Stock Indicator
SONUM LVS_SONUM CHAR 16 0 Special Stock Number
KZBEF LVS_KZBEF CHAR 1 0 Indicator Inventory Management active
NTGEW NTGEW QUAN 13 3 Net weight
LOGSYS LOGSYS CHAR 10 0 Logical system
WBSTA WBSTA CHAR 1 0 Goods movement status

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