Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SAP Business ByDesign Customization: 4 Real-Life Examples

When it comes to ERP systems, a strong and diligent selection process can really help you meet your business needs without the requirement for any customization. While SAP Business ByDesign is able to fulfill the majority of common business requirements, there will always be industry-specific or customer-specific requirements. For these requirements, SAP provides a combination of tools: both front-end based adaptation and extensibility as well as the Cloud Applications Studio can be used to develop solutions to bridge any out-of-the-box gaps.
In the blog series below, we’ll explore four examples of customer-specific SAP Business ByDesign solutions built by FMT Consultants. While the level of effort behind each of these enhancements varies, the business impact for even the simple solutions has been substantial – improving efficiency, automation, visibility, and data integrity. The solutions are ordered from least complex to most complex. The first two solutions can be built without the use of the SAP Cloud Applications studio. The second two solutions do require a small customization to be built in the SAP Cloud Applications Studio.

4 SAP Business ByDesign Customization Examples - by FMT Consultants:

  1. Application Identifier on Bar Codes
  2. Detailed Material Description
  3. Actual Freight on Customer Invoice
  4. Material-Specific Lead Time

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