Friday, July 31, 2015

TIPS: Basis tips and Tricks

Feel free to comment on new tips and tricks 
  •  In an R/3 screen, use %pc to download any TCode full page in any format you want.(.htm, .txt etc). Also use TCode /nSO21 to specify the default download location (this is very useful as saving all files to the sapworkdir can be little annoying at times)
  • Show Work Process usage over time by running SM50 -> List -> CPU. This shows CPU usage in minutes since startup. If all of your DIA WP's show time, then consider adding more.
  •  To display the checked object when not authorized call transaction SU53. It reports the last objects verified and also the respective values. Incase missing authorization through pop-up then close it (click cross mark) instead of continue it. Then run SU53 immediately either in same session (/nSU53) or in new session (/oSU53).
  • Enter /i on tcode field to delete the current session.
  • Enter /nend to cancel all SAP sessions and log off.
  • Use ALT+F+W and ALT+F+U in SAP Easy Access Screen to download and upload the user favorites within/across systems.
  • ctrl+shift+F8  System Administration information.
  • Change application server in SM51 by double clicking on application server you want to get in.
  • Note 757964 - Additional information in the SAP GUI window title a must, if you have several systems open at the same time
  • Note 205487 - Own text on SAPGui logon screen very usefull for messages like "(at)1D(at) Do not login, ..." or "Last clientcopy was on ..."
    Substitute (at) with "at"-char
  • To change transport job class to "A": Run report RDDNEWPP from transaction SE38 in the client 000.
  • multiple logons on AS ABAP system are stored in table: USR41_MLD
Feel free to comment on new tips and tricks

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