Saturday, August 1, 2015

TIP: List of Parameter IDs

Here is the great list of useful Parameter IDs. Parameter IDs allows users to set up defaults for most SAP fields that have a dropdown selection.  This is a great time saver to help to reduce the # of errors.

/SAPTRX/EE_MON_SEL    Display Monitor Fields
/SAPTRX/NOPERFPOPUP    Disable the performance warning for selections ('X')
/SDF/BT_ID    BusinessTransaction ID
AAT    Order type
ABAP_DOCU_FIRST_USER    If "X" ABAP documentation is called as for first users
ABAP_DOCU_FONT_FLAG    Flag for Dynamic Font Size
ABAPAST    ABAP Syntax Tree Viewer
ABK    Payroll Area
ABT    CO-ABC: Template
ADG    Address group
ADR    Address
AGR    Work Center
AKR    Allocation group for orders
AN1    Main asset number
AN2    Asset Subnumber
ANK    Asset class
ANR    Order number
ANS    User status (general status management)
API    SAP application
APO    Sales order item
ASN    Service number
AUN    Sales order number
BAN    Purchase requisition number
BAP    Purchase requisition item
BAR    Document type
BBA    Document type: purchase requisition (MM)
BCF    Basic Characteristic
BDA    Requirements type
BDC    SM35: Selection Parameter I
BEA    Relationship type
BEG    Start Date (PD)
BES    Purchase order number
BEZ    Dependency
BFC    Purchase Requisition Release Code
BID    Bar code ID for SAP ArchiveLink
BKL    Bank country code
BLN    Document number
BLZ    Bank number
BNK    Bank Key
BOK    Booking number
BPA    SAP Business Partner: BP Number
BSP    Purchase order item
BUK    Company code
BUZ    Line Item
BWA    Movement type in other goods movement
BWK    Valuation level
BWT    Valuation type
CAA    Capacity category
CAC    Controlling area
CC_INSTITUTE    Payment Card Institution
CC_NUMBER    Payment Card Number
CC_TYPE    Card category
CLASS    Class Builder: Class
CSM    Customer number
DAR    Service Type
DAY    Date
DCN    IDoc number
DEVICE    Output Type
DFD    DD field
DFE    Default End Date (PD: PPOM)
DFV    Default View (PD: PPOM)
DGR    MRP controller group
DHI    Data Modeler: Data model hierarchy
DHL    Default Object Type: Position Holder (US,P)
DID    Dialog ID
DIR    File directory in PC translation environment
DMD    Data Modeler: Data model
DME    Data Modeler: Choose entity type - initial screen
DMI    DD matchcode ID
DML    Data Modeler: Choose data model - initial screen
DMO    DD matchcode object
DOB    DD Domain
DOC    Document Name
DOCUMENTCLASS    Document Class
DOK    Document type for SAP ArchiveLink
DOM    DD Domain
DOQ    Documentation key
DSA    Structure name
DSB    Language text
DSC    Selection template for transaction SPAD (separator = SPACE)
DTB    DD table
EAN    International Article Number (EAN)
ECMKND    Change Type
ECMORD    Change Order
ECMREQ    Engineering Change Request
EKG    Purchasing group
EKO    Purchasing organization
EMAIL    Email Address
ENQ_TRACE    Enqueue trace indicator was switched on
ENQ_TRACE_ON    Enqueue trace was switched on during the current session
GCC    G/L company
GCF    FI-SL: activate expert mode
GDB    SAP Graphics: Debug level
GJR    Fiscal year
GSB    Business area
GUI_HAS_ACTIVEX    SAPgui supports ActiveX objects
GUI_HAS_HTMLOBJ    SAPgui supports HTML objects
GUI_HAS_JAVABEANS    SAPgui supports JavaBeans objets
GUI_HAS_OLE    SAPgui supports OLE objects
GUI_HAS_SAPOBJ    SAPgui supports SAP objects
GUI_IS_ON    GUI is available
HBK    House bank (ID)
HKT    Account key (short key)
ID1    Message class
IDC    EDI: Name of IDoc type
JVV    Joint Venture
K01    Partner number for screen
K02    Partner type for screen
K03    Partner function for screen
K04    Application for screen
K05    Output type for screen
K06    Flag change message for screen
K07    Number of IDocs - MC for screen
K08    Flag: Further outb. processing from IDoc in screen 1000
K09    Partner status for screen
K29    Variant tables
K36    Variant functions
K40    Sort sequences
KAR    Class type
KAT    Cost element
KBL    Document number (funds reservation documents)
KBO    Knowledge-Base Object
KBP    Document item (funds reservation documents)
KBZ    Class Description
KGD    Customer account group
KGK    Vendor account group
KGR    Class group
KKB    Credit control area
KKB_HELP_OBJNR    Object Number for Debugger
KLA    Class
KLT    Class type
KMP    CATT: Component
KNREF    Customer-Specific Description of a Partner
KNT    Account assignment category (Purchasing)
KOC    CTS: Last Customizing Request Used
KOL    CTS: Last Workbench Request Used
KOR    Correction and maintenance system R/3
KOS    Cost center
KPL    Chart of accounts
KPO    Sales order item number
KPRO_TRANSL_OUTPLACE    'X' --> KPro Translation Environment in "out of place mode"
KRG    Payer
KSG    Cost center group
KSK    Sender cost center
KTA    Cost object category
KTR    Cost object
KUN    Customer
KUT    Exchange rate type
KVS    Version (CO)
KWE    Ship-to party
KWH    Business Process: Hierarchy
KWP    Business process
KWS    Controlling area currency
KZB    Data Modeler: Short description (info system)
LABEL_FONT    Font to be used on the Script Editor
LAG    Storage location
LAR    Activity Type
LAST_REPID    RepID of the report last used
LAST_REPUID    ID for Report Last Used
LCA    SDOK: Location as Distrubution Criterion
LDB    ABAP: Logical database name
LEN    PC translation environment minimum string length
LIB    Function Modules
LIB1    Function Modules
LIF    Vendor
LIST_CONVERT_TO_DAT    File Name Extension in the Spreadsheet Download
LND    Country key
LOGON_ID    Logon ID
LST    Service number
LTX_QUIRKS_MODE    Quirks Mode for Transaction Launcher
M_DOMAIN    Domain Name
MAG    Message-application area
MASSD_OBJECT_TYPE    Preassignment of Object Type for Mass Maintenance
MASSD_VARIANT_NAME    Preassignment of Variant Name for Mass Maintenance
MAT    Material number
MBS    Material procurement type
MCN    SET/GET parameter for sapmaco
MDM_FSBP    FS Business Partner
MDM_GUID_TESTDATA    Key for Test Data
MDS    SE91 Mode
MEH    Rental unit
MEM_TRACE    Memory trace indicator was switched on
MEN    Menu name
MES    Message type
MESSAGE_DISPLAY_TYPE    Message Display Type, Different from Technical Type
METHOD    Method of Business Object
MIG    Standard Migration File Path
MIV    Rental agreement number
MKL    Material class
MMM    Search mode (logical links)
MO1    Mode for message maintenance
MOD    Object Maintenance Mode
MODE    PPF: Mode of View Cluster in Customizing
MOL    Personnel Country Grouping
MOM    Modifications: Name of component
MON    Modifications: name of modification
MON_KUN    CMOD: Enhancement Projects
MOT    Modifications: Type of component
MPN    Batch input session name
MS2    Message number for message maintenance
MSN    SE91 Message Number
MSS    RFC destination for SQL Server database monitoring
MSS_CON_NAME    MSSQL: DB Multi-Connect ID
MSS_DBSCHEMA    MSSQL : DB schema name
MSS_NOCOLLTIP    Set if user desires no user tip in DB collector
MSSVIEWORTAB    MS SQL Server table or view
MTA    Material type
MTDNAME    Method Name (Class)
MTDNAME2    Method Name 2
MTP    Industry key
MTY    Material Category
MWB_OP_DATE    Manager's Desktop: Evaluation date OrgPublisher
MWB_OP_DEPTH    Manager's Desktop: Evaluation Depth OrgPublisher
MWB_SCEN    Manager's Desktop: Scenario
NAK    Data Modeler: Only similar short descriptions (info system)
NAME    Local Data Name
NAMEFORMAT_COUNTRY    Country for Name Format
NAT    HR: Nationality
NBR    Number of translation key in currency translation
NCI    NCI document class for optical archiving
NET    Network number for account assignment
NHG    Network/hierarchy graphics: Profile group
NHI    Network/hierarchy graphics: Profile index
NHN    Network/hierarchy graphics: Profile name
NID    SE91 Message ID
NKL    Service charge key
NO_BIA_USE    Read queries from database and not from BIA
NRO    Number range object
NSL    Indicator: Selection unsuccessful
NSLB    Indicator that selection unsuccessful
O_ACCTP    IF_SOAP_SEQ_SCD_TRACE_CONST=>c_override_accesstype
OA1    SAP ArchiveLink: Customizing path
OA2    SAP ArchiveLink: Customizing path
OAA    SAP ArchiveLink storage system ID
OAB    SAP ArchiveLink: Operating system
OABUS0817    Key Field
OAC    SAP ArchiveLink: Link table
OAD    Deletion flag for SAP ArchiveLink
OAF    SAP ArchiveLink: File name counter for local frontend cache
OAH    SAP ArchiveLink: Host name
OAI    Object Key
OAL    SAP ArchiveLink: Last stored incoming document in dialog
OAM    SAP ArchiveLink: Settings (monitor)
OANOIDOC    Object Links: No Idoc's required
OAO    Object Type
OAP    SAP ArchiveLink: Path
OAS    SAP ArchiveLink connection ID
OAUSEALV    Use ALV List Viewer (instead of Grid View)
OAV    SAP ArchiveLink: Initial screen in presettings
OAX    SAP ArchiveLink: Local file name
OB1    R/3 Repository Info System: Object name
OB2    R/3 Repository Info System: 2nd object (Search + F4)
OB3    Information system: Object name, where-used list
OB4    Information system: 2nd object, where-used list
OBJ    Object type
OBJ_INF    Radio button setting for object type/interface type
OBJECT    Object
OBJECT_LIST_TYPE    Type of Object List Last Displayed
OBJECT_TYPE_GROUP    Object type group
OBJN    Object Name
OBT    Archiving Object
OCR    HR-PAY: Off-cycle reason
OCV    Value already selected in F4
ODQ_TID_TIMEZONE    Time Zone for Time Stamp ID
OIN    Default Object ID (PD: PPOM - Input Organizational Unit)
OJK    Object from classification
OKC    Saved OK code
OLD_OBJECT_SERVICES    Old Object Services (Allowed Values: 'OLD' , 'NEW')
OMD    Table analyses: Comparison client
ON_DBG_WINDOW_CLOSE    What should happen when debugger master window is closed
ONM    Object name - table service
ONR    General object number
OPS    HR Master Record - Object ID
ORGANIZER_VERSION_WD    Version of the (browser based) Transport Organizer
ORM    Name of an R/3 connection (RFC)
ORT    City Code
OTA    Object table from classification
OTP    Object type (General Status Management)
OWS    Object currency
OXT_WB    Settings for OXT Browser
P-I    Task ID (Organizational Management/Workflow)
P-M    Matrix Type
P-T    Task Type (Organizational Management/Workflow)
P-V    PD: Views (Key, Short Text, Validity, etc.)
P6S_SWITCH    Switch for Personas
PACK    Package
PACKNAME    Package Builder: Package Name
PB_ENTRY_CB_INTF    Package Builder Initial Screen: Interface Dialog Box
PB_ENTRY_CB_PACK    Package Builder Initial Screen: Package Checkbox
PB_ENTRY_RADIO    Package Builder: Radio Button Initial Screen
PBR    Personnel Area
PBS    Personnel Subarea
PBT    SPACE: Do not display pushbuttons, 'X': Display pushbuttons
PBU    Budget structure element type
PCA_KOSAR    Parameter ID for Cost Center Category in EC-PCA
PCP    PC path name
PDS    Database field for PD staff indicators (e.g. P1003-STABS)
PE_APP_PRINT    Appraisal systems: print parameters
PEH    Disregard depreciation meter
PEM    Include Essential Requirements
PEO    Specify default organizational unit
PER    Personnel Number (HR)
PERSONALISATION    Personalization object
PES    Include Alternative Qualifications
PEV    Career Planning: Display vacant positions only
PF3    F3 flag for editor
PFD    Path
PGS    Trading partner
PHBIZCS_SM_PDCT    Product for Business Content Provider
PIE    HRIS: Evaluation Depth (Selected Only or All Underlying)
PIS    HRIS: Start (Direct or via Selection Screen)
PIV    HRIS: View for Start
PKR    Employee Subgroup (HR Master Data)
PLA    Planning type
PLAN_VARIANT    Plan Version
PLM_AUDIT_DOC_FTP    Document Display via FTP on PC
PLM_AUDIT_MANUAL_PV    No Automatic Print Preview
PMIDBGUI    Debug Filter for UI
PMIDEV    PMI Support
PN1    EDI: Partner number for initial screen
PNALL    Display Country-Specific Infotypes
PNI    Country Key Vector for Country-Specific Infotypes
PNM    EDI: Partner number for transfer to views
PNR    IMG project number
PNW    Network profiles
PO-    Views for Role Maintenance
POB    Start Time (PD)
POC    Copied Object ID (PD)
POD    Default Status (PD)
POE    End Time (PD)
POF    Location (PD)
POK    PD: Views (Key, Short Text, Validity, etc.)
POM    Action (PD)
PON    Object ID (PD)
POO    Menu Mode (PD)
POP    Plan Version (PD)
POPR    Posting Period
POR    Port name
POT    Object Type (PD)
POV    Sort Task Catalog (TA PFCT)
POX    Dummy (PD)
POY    Dummy (PD)
POZ    Dummy (PD)
PPC    Partner profit center
PPF_PROTOCOL_SAVE    Save Determination Log
PPM    Menu
PPOM    Interface maintenance mode Org. Management 'X'=old ' '=new
PR2    Function Builder: Editor call
PRC    Profit center
PRG    Employee Group (HR Master Data)
PRI    Printer
PRINT_PARAM    Print settings
PRINT_PTEXT    Text for print settings
PRO    Project item (WBS)
PROCCLS    PPF: Processing Class for Smart Forms
PRODUCT_REL    Product Release
PROFILE    Travel profile
PROFILE_GEN_TEXT    Profile Generator name of selected role
PROFILE_GENERATOR    Profile generator
PROGRESS_IND    Progress Display On/Off
PROJECT_DEFAULT_VIEW    Standard view for Customizing Entry
PROJECT_NAME    IMG BC Set-Compatibility Check - Current Project
PRR    Checking rule for material availability check
PRT    Project description (CASE)
PSC    Postal code
PSEMAINT_COMMAND    PSE Management Function (Internal)
PSEMAINT_PROFILE    PSE Management Profile (Internal)
PSI    Infotype number for PD staff indicators (e.g. 1003)
PSP    Project (WBS)
PSPIPROCGP    Process Group
PSPIPROCTP    ID of Process Definition
PST    Planning Status (PD)
PT1    EDI: Partner type for initial screen
PTAPPID    Usage indicator for UI Framework
PTC    First patch in queue
PTD    Last patch in queue
PTP    EDI: Partner type for parameter transfer to views
PTU_TRACE_LEVEL    Detail Level of Application Log
PWN    Number of Standard Task/Standard Role (Workflow)
PWN_AC    Number of Rule Object Type AC Workflow
PWN_TG    Parameter for Object Type TG (TASKGROUP)
PWN_TS    Number of Standard Task Object Type TS Workflow
PWN_WS    Number of Workflow Template Object Type WS Workflow
QA_MANAGER_OFF    Deactivate Question/Answer Manager X = Yes
QRS    Initial Value for Random Number Generator
R3LINK_IWAREA    Documentation Tool
RABAX_ID_IN_DEBUGGER    ID of the last runtime error that occured
RAN    Investment number of security (RF-VV)
RAR    Reference class type
RCC_TEST_RUNTIME    Runtime for the demo report
RCE    Resource
RCK    Confirmation Number
RDI    Indicator: raw data interface
RECEIVER_FUND    Receiver Fund
RECNNR    RE Contract: Contract Number
RES    Reservation number
RF2    CATT - RFC destination for R/2
RFC    RFC destination
RFCDESTINATION    RFC Dest. for Trex Admin Tool
RFDEST    Output Device
RPO    Reservation item
RSC    Characteristic
RSI    InfoCube
RSK    Key figure
RSM    MultiProvider
RSO    EDI: Current order number
RVS    Revision level
RZL    Confirmation counter
SAK    G/L account number
SAU    Spool authorization
SCI    Compile Progress Indicator On/Off
SCI_CHKV    Code Inspector: Check Variant
SCI_CHKV_GL    Code Inspector: Check Variant Global/Local?
SCI_INSP    Code Inspector: Inspection
SCI_INSP_GL    Code Inspector: Inspection Global/Local?
SCI_INSP_V    Code Inspector: Version of an Inpection
SCI_OBJ_NAME    Code Inspector: Object Name
SCI_OBJ_TYPE    Code Inspector: Object Type
SCI_OBJS    Code Inspector: Object Set
SCI_OBJS_GL    Code Inspector: Object Set Global/Local?
SCI_OBJS_V    Code Inspector: Version of a Object Set
SCI_USER    Code Inspector: User
SCL    Upper and lower case in source code: 'X' = lower, ' ' =upper
SEG    Segment type
SFW    Switch
SG0    Activate Runtime Analysis for Graphic
SGN    Segment name for docu.tool
SGOS_DELETE    Security Question for Deleting Attachments
SGOSITS    Generic Object Service with ITS Restriction
SGOSNOBUT    Do not display button 'Services for Object'
SGOSWDREORGDATE    Last Reorganization on Local Work Directory
SGR    Administrator Group (HR)
SH1    Online help: User-specific setting
SH2    HTML Help: User-specific Browser settings
SHI2    Structure type transfer field
SHLP    Dictionary: Search help name
SHM_AREA_NAME    Area Name for Shared Objects
SHOW_ADD_APPL    Enable application generation in CMenu
SIN    Progress indicator on/off
SINWP    SAPBPT: Workplace User Interface Settings
SINWP_TREE_CLK    Switch Single/Double Click in the Workplace Tree
SIR    SAP system (remote submit)
SIS    SAPBPT: SAP name of person to be substituted
SIW_LEVEL0    SIW: Display Level0 = 'X'
SKN    Configuration Group ID
SKPR_IDX_ADM_ENTRY_1    Administration Console: Entry point to Document Class
SKPR_IDX_ADM_ENTRY_2    Administration Console: Entry Point to Document Space
SKT    Call Up Test Modes for the Knowledge Provider
SLAD_UI_FEATURES    Features of the Slad Cockpit
SLG    PC translation interface source language
SLI    ALV Test Mode
SLIN_SEC_STRATEGY    SLIN Security Check: Strategy
SLMGR_BASE_URL    Solution Manager URL
SM04_CONFIGURATION    Configuration of Transaction SM04
SM1    Technical name defaults in SSM1 and PFCG
SM50_CONFIGURATION    Configuration of Transaction SM50
SM52_CONFIGURATION    Configuration of Transaction SM52
SMAP_AUTH_GENERIC    Solution Map: Authorization for Reference Processes
SMAPBPR1    Solution Map: Best Practice
SMAPCOMP    Solution Map: Component
SMAPKPI1    Solution Map: Performance Indicator
SMAPPAR1    Solution Map: Partner
SMAPPPR1    Solution Map: Partner Product
SMAPPRC0    Solution Map: Process Category
SMAPPRC1    Solution Map: Main Process
SMAPPRC2    Solution Map: Process
SMAPPRD1    Solution Map: Product
SMF    Formula Key for Formula Interpreter
SMT_MAP_ID    Mapping
SNHI_REMOTE_HANA    RFC destination for remote HANA DB call
SOBJHIST    Do Not Update Object History
SOE    SAPoffice: Sort folders subscribed to (NAME, UNRD, USER)
SONO_ALERT_OPTIONS    Alert Options (Notifications)
SOO    SAPoffice: PC application using OLE not in R/3 window
SOP    SAPoffice: Path of Last Access on PC
SOST    SOST: User Settings
SP01_END    Numbers of the Pages to Display Last
SP01_ENDING    Display End of Spool Requests
SP01_FROM    Number of Page to Start Display With
SP01_MODE    Default Display Mode in SP01
SP01_TO    Last Page to Display
SP01_WARN    Threshold Value for Number of Lines in Display
SP1    SAPphone: Incoming call handling (only maintain via TX SPHA)
SPE    Payment block
SPI    Spool ID
SPI_CM_SHOW_GUID    Display GUIDs in Meta Data Maintenance
SPIVERI2    Instance Counter 2 for PMI Veri Processes
SPIVERI3    Instance Counter 3 for PMI Veri Process
SPOOL_AMETH    Spool: Access Method
SPOOL_CHRNAM    Spool: Character Name
SPOOL_CLIENT    Spool: Client Restriction for Device Maintenance
SPOOL_CODEP    Spool: Character Set
SPOOL_COMPANY    Spool: Manufacturer
SPOOL_DEV    Spool: Output Device
SPOOL_LOMS    Spool: Logical Output Management System
SPOOL_LPDH    Spool: Destination Host
SPOOL_PAPART    Spool: Format
SPOOL_PGFMT    Spool: Page Format
SPOOL_PRCTL    Spool: Print Control
SPOOL_PTYPE    Spool: Device Type
SPOOL_RESNAME    Spool: Resource Name
SPOOL_ROMS    Spool: Real Output Management System
SPOOL_SERV    Spool: Spool Server
SPR    Language
SPTA_MAX_NO_OF_TASKS    Maximum Number of Parallel Tasks
SPTA_RFCGR    Parallel processing server group
SPTA_TRACELEVEL    Trace Level for Parallel Processing
SQ0    Date for the start of an SQL trace list
SQ1    Time for the start of an SQL trace list
SQA    Question Repository Question ID
SQANAME    QADB Write Procedure Namespace Name
SQARADDON    Industry Enhancement (Read) ID
SQAWADDON    Industry Enhancement (Write) ID
SQL_TRACE    SQL trace indicator was switched on
SQL_TRACE_ON    SQL trace was switched on during the current session
SQLM_TEMP    temp
SQLT_ALV_PF_STATUS    Last Status Set for the SAP List Viewer List
SQLT_END_DATE    End of trace - Date
SQLT_END_TIME    End time for trace analysis
SQLTPAT_ID    User Name or Pattern for User for ST05 with Trace Filter
SQT    Name of a table pool/cluster
SS0    Date in the trace list
SS1    Time for the trace list
SSC_CRM_LOGSYS    Connected CRM logical system
SSFNAME    SAP Smart Forms: Name of a Smart Form
SSFSTYLE    SAP Smart Forms: Name of a Smart Style
SSFTXTNAME    SAP Smart Forms: Name of a Text Module
SSM    Status profile (general status management)
ST05_PROGRESS_INDIC    Progress Indicator During Trace Preparation
ST05_TR_DATE_END    End Date of ST05 Trace
ST05_TR_DATE_START    Start Date of ST05 Trace
ST05_TR_TIME_END    End Time of ST05 Trace
ST05_TR_TIME_START    Start Time of ST05 Trace
ST05_TR_TYPE_AMC    Flag: AMC Trace Active
ST05_TR_TYPE_APC    Flag: APC Trace Active
ST05_TR_TYPE_BUF    Flag: Buffer Trace Active
ST05_TR_TYPE_ENQ    Flag: Enqueue Trace Active
ST05_TR_TYPE_HTTP    Flag: HTTP Trace Active
ST05_TR_TYPE_RFC    Flag: RFC Trace Active
ST05_TR_TYPE_SQL    Flag: SQL Trace Active
ST05_TR_USER    User Who Executed Recorded Action
ST1    Mode for structure maintenance transaction
ST20_PC_PATH    ST20: Local File Name
ST20_WP_NO    ST20: Work Process Number
ST22_COMP    ST22 Component
ST22_DATUM    ST22 Date
ST22_EPPCC    EPP Call Counter
ST22_EPPCI    EPP Connection ID
ST22_EPPRC    EPP Total Context ID
ST22_ERRID    ST22 Error ID
ST22_EXC    ST22: With Exception Info
ST22_EXCEPT    ST22 Exception
ST22_HOST    ST22 Host
ST22_MANDT    ST22 Client
ST22_NAME    ST22 User
ST22_OLD    ST22 Old Version
ST22_PRG    ST22 Program
ST22_PRGNAME    ST22 Program Name
ST22_TID    ST22 Transaction ID
ST22_XHOLD    St22 Hold
ST22_ZEIT    ST22 Time
STA    Statistical Ratio
START_VMCDBG_DIRECT    Direct start of VMC Debugger when port is opened
STATANALYZE    BI: Query Runtime Statistics - Error Analysis
STATDATAUSEAGE    Data Usage Statistics On/Off
STATGLOBALOFF    Global switch for deactivating statistics
STB    SQL table name
STC    Transaction variants: Transaction
STC_BASIC_SCEN_ID    Task List Group
STC_SESSION_ID    Task List Run
STC_TEMPLATE_ID    Task List Variant
STN    Street Code
STR    Name of a structure
STSMA    Status profile
STV    Transaction variants: Variant
SU21_SORT_ORDER    SU21 Sort Object List by Object (O) or Text (T)
SU2X_CI_CONT_SIZE    Size of Authorization Default List
SU2X_DFLT_APPL_TYPE    Default Application Type for SU22/SU24
SU2X_PV_CONT_SIZE    Size of Authorization Proposal Values Container
SU2X_SM_CONT_SIZE    Size of Selection Result Container
SU53_STYLE    Layout of SU53 and SU56 (CLASSIC or TREE)
SUB    HR Master Record - Subtype
SUC    CATT: Sub-application
SUIM_TITLE    Transaction SUIM: Values for the Placeholder '&P'
SUSE_MODE    Self Upgrading Software Environment:  Mode
SVIM_ALWAYS_POPUP    View Maintenance: Always Get Work Area
SWA    Workflow: Container debugging status
SWB_APPLICATION_COMP    Application Component (Text Abbreviation)
SWD    Name of workflow definition
SWDP_LINK_CONTEXT    Help Center: Context for Links to KW
SWDP_VD_RENDERING    Web Dynpro: View Designer Rendering
SWE    Workflow event
SWF    SAP Business Workflow: Example scenario FORMABSENC
SWF_BND    Release 6.1 Binding Active ('N' - Not Active)
SWF_BND_EDIT_NEW    Use New Binding Editor
SWF_BRF_APP_ID    Workflow: BRF+ Application ID (Function)
SWF_BRF_RULE_ID    Workflow: BRF+ Application ID (Ruleset)
SWF_EVT_DMOD    Workflow Event Linkage Delivery Modes
SWF_EXP    Workflow: UNICODE-Compatible Outbound Processing
SWF_TRC_CMP    Trace Component
SWFXIMON    Monitoring settings BPE
SWLT_RANKING    Show ranking options
SWO    Workflow object type
SWT    Workflow mode trace switch
SWU    SAPforms trace
SWX    SAPconnect mode trace switch
SWX_NUM    Number of Demo Notification of Absence
SWX_RET    Return Code for Demo Notification of Absence
SWXSUBRC    Return Code for Notification of Absence
SXMBMONATT    Display Attribute Elements in the SXI_MONITOR
SXN    SAPconnect Nodes
SYNC_DEBUG    Debugging of POWL application in Synchronous mode only
SYS    System status (general status management)
SYSDAT    System Data
SYSTEM_CHECK_WA    System  Check  WA
SZC    MESG Message-handler: In CATT error and cancel messages only
SZG    Conversion routine: Gross duration (user-specific)
SZN    Conversion routine: Net duration (user-specific)
TAB    Table
TAC    SAPfind: current status
TARSYS    Target System
TASKID    Task ID for TUCC Test Cases
TBA_DATA_ACCESS_AL    Application Layer Logic
TBA_DCSID    Derivative Contract Specification ID
TBA_MIC    Market Identifier Code
TBR    Table service - log. system name for RFC
TC_NAME    Test Configuration Name
TC2    Area Menu Text
TCD    Transaction
TCE    Area menu code
TCODE_TEMPLATE    Transaction Templates for the Profile Generator
TCX    Transaction code for calling via SO70 and class TCOD
TDC_SRCH_OPT    Search option to find TDCs
TE2    SAPterm parameter ID for path
TE3    SAPterm: parameter ID for funct9
TEB    SAPterm: check RSTERM51 background
TEMPLATE    template object id for BEX 7.0 web template (mem)
TEN    Number of current enqueues
TEO    SAPterm: check RSTERM51 online
TER    SAPterm: parameter ID for term
TEST_RESULT    Parameter for Automatic IFbA Tests
TGR    Task group
THTMLB_CONFIG    X = CHTMLB:Config works with THTMLB
TID    Message ID
TIP    Ignore timestamp (flag)
TIPCOD    Tracking ID Provider Code Set
TIPID    Tracking ID Provider Code ID
TLG    PC translation environment target language
TMPLID    Technical Name of a Template
TPDA_RESTART    TPDA: Debugger Restart (Flag)
TPDA_SCRIPT    TPDA: Script Name
TPDA_TEST_TESTID    Debugger: Test ID for Test Framework
TPDAPI_NO_KERNEL    Kein Kernel verf├╝gbar
TPDAPI_TEMP    Temporary
TPDASMID    tpda - smid
TPL    Schedule for financial calendar
TRANID    Transformation ID
TRANS_SOURCE    Default Value for Translation: Source Language
TRANS_TARGET    Translation: Target Language
TRCKCOD    Tracking Code Set
TRCKID    Tracking ID
TRKOBJ_UPDATE    Allow update of tracking object data
TRKPAREDIT    Allow editing of tracking server system parameters
TRX_SCAC    Standard Carrier Alpha Code (Tracking)
TRX_TIMZON    TIme zone parameter
TRX_USRPRFGRP    North America Users
TS_NAME    Test Script Name
TSE    Test
TSK    Task according to HR-ORG
TTD    SAPscript Dictionary
TTX    Structure RSTXD (SAPscript forms/styles, SE71, SE72)
TTYP    Table Type
TWC    Test Workbench: Test Catalog
TWP    Test Workbench: Test Package
TX2    SAPscript source language
TXF    SAPscript form name
TXJ    Tax jurisdiction code (US taxes)
TXL    SAPscript form and style language
TXS    SAPscript style name
TXT    PSTXT structure (for SAPscript standard texts, SO10)
TYPD    Type Group
TZ_TOOLTYPE    TestZone Tool Type
UAV    Global search: Active version of a table
UBD_EXPERT    BD Lib: Expert Mode Active
UBD_QUEST_LIBS    Import of Default Libraries
UBD_SURVEY_LIBS    Import of Default Libraries
UCIA_ENVITER    CDMC:UCIA - No. of Iterations in Environment Determination
UCN    Assigned Country
UCONDEFSCEN    Unified Connectivity Default Scenario
UCONINSTNR    UCON Installation number
UCS    Global search: Case sensitive
UDA    Service Category
UFA    Department number
UFI    Search string in GUIs
UID    User ID in Internet User Master
UIF    Search in Print Lists
UIF_OLD_CNODE_ACCESS    Switch back to old access logic - Test only
UME    Global search: Method of search
UNV    Global search: new version of a table
UPL    Parameters for upload file names
UPS_DIRECT    ALE Distribution Unit: Distribution Direction
UPS_LOGSYS    ALE Distribution Unit: Partner System
UPS_NAME    ALE Distribution Unit: Packet Name
UPS_OWNER    ALE Distribution Unit: Owner
URP    Global replace: replace string
US2    Save time of last logon
USE_TMX    Use TMX for TREX Communication ('X' = true, ' ' = false)
USE_TMX_MULTIPROV    Use TMX for MultiProvider
USER_GROUP    User Group for RF Event Message Profile
USER_PROFILE_GROUP    User profile GRoup
USG    User group
USNB    User name (for change documents)
USR    User
USRSU10LOG    SU10: Log Settings
UTY    User Type in Internet User Master
UWS_DELETE    Expert Mode: Delete Survey
UWS_QUEST_TYPE    Type of Questionnaire
UWS_SURVEY_EXPERT    Survey Editor: Expert Mode Active
UXB_TEST_MODE    Indicator: Test Mode
UYF    Global search: in screen field list
UYL    Global search: in screen flow logic
VAG    SD: Sold-to party
VAL    Delivering country
VC_LDAP_RAW_MODE    Start View Cluster VC_LDAP in Unmodified Form
VCL    View cluster
VER    Version (Mass Changes/Material Master)
VERS_DEST    SET/GET for Target System Selection for Remote Version Comp.
VERSDSEL    Destination Selection
VERSN_CTC    Forecast Version
VERSN_EV    Progress version
VERSSYSNAM    Target System Selection for Remote Version Comparison
VERSSYSSEL    System Selection for Remote Version Comparison
VF    Invoice
VFA    Billing type
VFB    From functional area
VFD    Date up to which billing is to be carried out
VFG    Variant function group
VFK    Sales Activity Procg: Saving and Subs.Funct.Code Acc. to VFK
VFL    Invoice list
VFN    Billing document number
VFP    Billing item number
VFR    Billing document reference number
VFS    Cancellation
VGN    Act./op. number for order/network
VID_RSRT    SET GET Parameters for GUID
VIEW    Organizational Area in Classification System
VIEWNAME    View Name
VKB    Sales office
VKB_V75A    Transfer parameter: Sales office for list displays
VKG    Sales group
VKG_V75A    Transfer parameter: Sales group for list displays
VKN    Version Management: Correction Number
VKO    Sales organization
VKS    Condition type
VM$    Variant maintenance mode
VMCDBG_TXT_EDITOR    VMC Java Debugger: Text Editor Activation (set 'X')
VNG    Business transaction (general status management)
VNN    ABAP: Variant Maintenance, TVARV Maintenance
VNT    ABAP: Variant Maintenance, Selection Type
VON    Version Management: Object Name
VOP    Compare operator for filter
VOT    Version Management: Object Type
VPA    Contact Person
VPE    From period
VPR    Product hierarchy
VRE    Bill-to party
VS2    PS: Version / description
VSCANTRACE_RFCDEST    RFC Destination for Virus Scan Server
VSY    Version Management: Log System Name for Remote Function Call
VTP    Valuation type
VTW    Distribution channel
VVN    Variant Variables Text
VVT    Variant Variable Type
VWV    IS-IS: Number of management contract
W3_NO_TABULATOR    WAB: Check tabs in templates and text-type Mimes
W3_STYLE    WAB: Style for Generating Templates
W3_THEME    WAB: Theme for Internet Objects
W3_XML_EDIT_DEV_CONF    W3: Technical Editor Settings
W3_XML_EDIT_SETTINGS    Class with Settings for Editor
WADMDFILE    Bex 7.0 web application designer metadata file (mem)
WAK    Retail promotion number
WAN_FLAG_USER    User Setting: Narrow-Band GUI Connection
WE12MESTYP    WE12: Logical message type
WE12SNDPRN    WE12: Sender partner number
WE12SNDPRT    WE12: Sender partner function
WE19_CIMTYP    IDoc Type Enhancement in Test Tool WE19
WE19_IDOCTYP    Basic Type in Test Tool WE19
WE19_MSGTYP    Message Type for Test Tool WE19
WEBCUIF_ES_CONTENT    save NW template settings during model transfer
WEBCUIF_ES_NWDATA    Persistence of ES data in NW
WEH    Business entity
WF_TECH    Workflow: Technical Display On/Off
WFAGNTID    Workflow: Agent ID
WFAGNTOT    Workflow: Agent Type
WFP    Workflow process (dummy parameters)
WFR    Return code for action for DI
WFT    Workflow: Process type
WGH    Material group hierarchy
WHP    Securities exchange (RHANDPL)
WID    Work item ID
WIF    Current Web Interface (SEM-BPS)
WL_QTEXT    Source Text
WL_TTEXT    Target Text
WLC    Workflow: User-specific settings
WMI    Product catalog
WQI    Work queue ID
WRC_RECORDING    Web Dynpro Recording Objects
WRC_RECUSR    User Macros - User Object
WRC_USER_CHANNEL    User Macros - Channel Object
WRK    Plant
WS_UI_DESIGN_TABLE    System table / Customer table Flag
WS_UI_TEST_COMPONENT    Restricts the WS Design Tool to a spec. Component
WSC_PREFIX    Prefix for DDIC Types to Be Generated
WSD_COMP_PARAMS    Switch on Parameter comparison within SD check
WSD_DEBUG_FIELDREF    WebServiceDefinition: Debug Fieldreferences
WSD_FIX_VAL_ON_TAB    WebServiceDefinition: Fix Values - Table Types
WSD_REP_FIELDREF    WebServiceDefinition: Fieldreferences
WUI_IN_NWBC    WUI runs in NWBC (for HTML)
XI_FNA    Name of Error Message
XI_FNS    Namespace of Error Message
XI_IF    Interface Name
XI_MP    Mapping Name
XI_MS    Mapping Namespace
XI_MSG    Message ID
XI_MV    Mapping SWCV
XI_NS    Interface Namespace
XI_RAG    Receiver Agency
XI_RIF    Receiver Interface
XI_RNS    Receiver Namespace
XI_RPP    Receiver Party
XI_RPT    Receiver Schema
XI_RST    Receiver System
XI_SAG    Sender Agency
XI_SIF    Sender Interface
XI_SNS    Sender Namespace
XI_SPP    Sender Party
XI_SPT    Sender Schema
XI_SST    Sender System
XML_TEST    Parameter ID for XML Test Function
XO_BO_TYPE    Extensible Objects Business Object Type
XSLTNAME    Name of an XSLT Program

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