Tuesday, April 12, 2016

SAP OPInt - Order to Cash scenario demo

Check out this demo of SAP Operational Process Intelligence in the OTC space: http://youtu.be/9eqwWu6AXmY 

Creating a Premier Order-to-Cash Process (Mark Wells)

Mark Wells wrote a nice little article on the Order to Cash process. See the full article here from his blog "Supply Chain Action Blog". An excerpt from the blog follows:

A premier O2C process possesses the following hallmarks:
1) Standardization.  That is not to say that all orders are treated in the same way, but that you have determined beforehand what types of orders you will receive and how each type will be handled.  Standardization applies to how orders are anticipated, qualified, promised, priced, allocated, fulfilled, invoiced, collected and serviced.

Keeping Track of your Supply Chain - 8 1/2 key points to ponder

When it comes to the Extended Supply Chain, it is critical to ensure that any issue that occurs during the process is uncovered in a timely manner. Once an issue has been uncovered it then becomes critical to take action on it in order to get the process back on track. Without this kind of actionable insight we will simply running less effectively and ultimately end up paying more for the execution of our Supply Chain. Increased buffer stock to account for Supply Chain irregularities, poorly optimized reorder points and optimal order quantities, and so on... We have lived with chaos and exceptions for so long but there is hope; there is light at the end of the tunnel. We need to take charge of the Supply Chain and it all begins with gaining control through visibility in to what is actually happening.