Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Creating a Premier Order-to-Cash Process (Mark Wells)

Mark Wells wrote a nice little article on the Order to Cash process. See the full article here from his blog "Supply Chain Action Blog". An excerpt from the blog follows:

A premier O2C process possesses the following hallmarks:
1) Standardization.  That is not to say that all orders are treated in the same way, but that you have determined beforehand what types of orders you will receive and how each type will be handled.  Standardization applies to how orders are anticipated, qualified, promised, priced, allocated, fulfilled, invoiced, collected and serviced.
2) Automation.  How information technology is used to automate this process so that it can be done fast, cheaply, and providing customer service equal to the goal for each type of order.
3) Integration. O2C cannot exist in a vacuum. Manufacturing, distribution, customer service, and planning not only surround O2C, but must support it without gaps or interruption.
4) Visibility.  You probably already have a view to orders internally.  In most cases, customers will need to view their orders as well.  In both cases, the most advantageous scope of visibility should be provided with the least amount of effort.  In some cases, suppliers may need to see orders as well.  Certainly, third party logistics service providers may need this.
Throw in real-time process analytics and event-driven exception management and you have a smoking hot Order to Cash (OTC / O2C) process.

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