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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SAP TIP: Running LSMW in the background

There are 3 main executable tasks. As long as these can run  in the background and their results can be placed on the application server then the process can be run in the background.

After creating your LSMW proceed as follows:

1) Go to the step called “Specify Files” and check the file name for: Imported Data File for Imported Data (Application Server)
2) Go to the step called “Specify Files” and check the file name for: Converted Data File for Converted Data (Application Server)
3) Proceed through all steps manually in the foreground including the Read data step if you are loading a file from the front-end.
4) Go to the “Convert Data” step and check the program name of this step by using the menu path: System–>Status. On the same screen (selection parameter screen for “Convert Data”) save the selection parameters as a variant. This saves the Application Server file names for background processing.
5) Go to SM36 and define a background job with program step, using: The Convert Data program name and variant in step 4.

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