Thursday, September 8, 2016

SAP Mobility: Get It Right - Reveal's Rutul Thakkar

"At Reveal, we focus on our Business Maturity Continuum and oVo(R) methodology to align people, process and technology and transform supply chains. SAP Mobility solutions are a good way to bring people, process and technology together. There are a few different tools offered by SAP, SAP partners and third-party sources available for application development, but in order to keep the application maintenance effort minimum and to keep SAP as the single source of information, we recommend using the tools offered by SAP. These tools can be used in different ways. To avoid rework and to make maintenance easy, consider asking, “What are the data sources for application?,” “On which device(s) and platform(s) should the data be displayed?” and “Is this application for internal organization users or external users?” when setting up the tools." - Read full article at

Rutul covers the following topics in his blog:
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • OData services
  • UI development
  • User Authentication
  • Reveal applications