Thursday, October 27, 2016

Common ERP Selection and Implementation Errors | The PSSI Blog

"Rick Cook writes about computers and ERP from time to time on  Recently he posted some comments about “ERP Implementation Errors for SMEs” that we thought worth sharing. Cook notes that small businesses are different from large ones in that they often lack the experience, expertise and resources necessary for a good ERP implementation.  As a result, they often make mistakes.  At the same time, notes Cook, in some areas, big and small companies are the same, in that some activities require just as much work from the small firm as from the large. 
A few point to note:
  1. Skimping on ERP package selection
  2. Not allowing enough time
  3. Size of the team
  4. Shortening testing time
  5. Resource Allocation
  6. Treating the implementation as an IT project

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