Friday, October 7, 2016

SAP Event Management - Still SAP's Best-Kept Secret ... - Genie Press

You won't find a book with more details on SAP Event Management out there. 2 years in the making.
Check out the Table of Contents below:
  1. Chapter 1 (click link to download chapter) gives an executive overview of SAP EM, describing what it is, what it is comprised of, where the benefits lie and ultimately what value it brings to the table. This area is a must-read for a company's executives and for solution architects designing an implementation of the module. 
  2. Chapter 2 describes the technical architecture covering SAP EM's core services, deployment options and the differences between the various releases, up to and including SAP EM 9.2. 
  3. Chapter 3 covers the application system, providing details behind what is available on the side of the solution where the events and processes are generated. Typical SAP application systems include SAP ERP, SAP SCM and SAP TM. 
  4. Chapter 4 addresses the SAP EM module, giving the details behind what is available, its inherent functionality and how it is used. This chapter is for all those folks looking to see the detail behind what is provided in terms of functionality. 
  5. Chapter 5 provides details about how SAP EM and SAP Global Trade Services integrate. SAP Global Trade Services is SAP’s detailed solution for helping companies address their trade processes and ensuring they are executed in a regulatory-compliant fashion. 
  6. Chapter 6 explores details about how SAP EM and SAP Transportation Management integrate. SAP Transportation Management is SAP’s detailed solution for helping companies address all their transportation processes, from planning, tendering and execution to freight settlement. 
  7. Chapter 7 covers a very unique aspect of track and trace, serialized track and trace. In many instances, there is a very real need to track a particular, unique, serialized item. SAP provides several solutions to help with this case, one of which is a flavor of SAP EM, called the SAP Object Event Repository. In this chapter, we will also describe SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure and SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals. 
  8. Chapter 8 offers a methodology to guide you through the needed steps to implement SAP EM within your organization. 
  9. Chapter 9 provides operational details around using SAP EM and includes a troubleshooting guide. This chapter delves into the details behind security, operational guidelines and system monitoring. 
  10. Chapter 10 outlines general useful information on SAP EM, including transactions, development tips and tricks, IMG listings, blogs, links and sample scenarios."

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