Tuesday, November 1, 2016

SAPVoice: How Apple Will Win Big In Enterprise

SAPVoice: How Apple Will Win Big In Enterprise: "You probably don’t associate Apple with disruption in the insurance industry. Apple has been on the cutting-edge of consumer innovation for so long that it’s difficult for many people to see Fortune 500’s No. 1 most profitable company as anything other than the maker of the iPod (which first launched 15 years ago last week) and subsequent blockbusters, the iPhone and iPad. “Investors have been slow to shift their view of Apple as a volatile hardware maker, vulnerable to the fluctuations of the consumer electronics market,” Financial Times stated Tuesday, “rather than a software company with stable recurring revenues.” But Apple pulled in about $26 billion (or about 10 percent of its revenue) last year from enterprise, according to Apple employees speaking to SAP customers and partners at the SAP Digital Insurance Innovation Summit at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters this month. And we’ll keep seeing big things as Apple and SAP continue their partnership to transform your mobile experience at work by uniting native apps for iPhone and iPad with the SAP HANA platform." Read full article at SAPVoice.

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