Friday, December 16, 2016

What’s New in SAP Business SAP Business ByDesign 1608

The release of SAP Business ByDesign 1608 brought with it many changes and improvements, and you may not be taking full advantage of them.

In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know to about the changes that have occurred during the SAP 1608 update.

System Management

1. Easily Purchase More User Licenses Without Leaving ByDesign
With the newest update of SAP Business ByDesign comes a new, easier way to purchase additional user licenses and systems directly from your SAP Business ByDesign System.

2. Print Manager Discontinued
As of the newest version of Business ByDesign, the Print Manager has been discontinued. Instead, the SAP Cloud Print Manager can be set up to enable automatic document printing. The software installation package is available for free in the download catalog.

Financial Management

1. Reports View
A new report is available in the General Ledger Work Center: Aging List for Receivables with Journal Entry.

2. Inter-company Journal Entry Vouchers View – Post IC JEV in Closed Accounting Period
Inter-company Journal Entry Vouchers (IC JEV) can now be posted when the accounting period is closed for operational postings, or when it is open for late operational postings. The closing step in the resulting journal entry is taken as 015 — Late operational postings.

3. Payment Run View (in Payables and Receivables) Next Payment Run Offset
In the newest version of SAP Business ByDesign, you can now specify the number of days after which you want the next payment run to be executed. For each open item, the system will automatically determine whether the due date falls before the next payment run date.

4. Extraction Run for Financial Data View – Reporting Relations in Reporting Packages
With the new SAP ByDesign update, you can now define reporting relation in the reporting package.

5. Material Actual Costing view – Journal Entry Logging
You can now navigate from costing results to the journal entries that were used to calculate the cost for cost objects.

6. Production Cost Variance Analysis Multilevel Analysis of Variance Origin
You can get an analysis of different cost variance categories using the following reports:

Customer Relationship Management

1. Workflow Rules View
Workflow rules can now be created for the following documents: sales orders, quotes, service orders, and contracts.

2. Activities View – Synchronizing Attachments from SAP Business ByDesign to Outlook
The attachments included in e-mail activities, appointment activities, and task activities are now synchronized from the SAP Business ByDesign system with Microsoft Outlook

3. Campaigns View
You can now create and execute direct e-mail campaigns that send personalized HTML e-mails directly from the SAP Business ByDesign system. However, this feature needs to be enabled from the Business Configuration work center.

4. Service Order Processing View – Third Party Field Service and Repair
When a service order for service or expense items with fulfillment set to external is released, it will now trigger the creation of a purchase request, which initiates a third party field service and repair process.

5. Pricing View – Base Price List by Product Category with Evaluation
You can now create a base price list for product category hierarchies with hierarchical evaluation, where the price of any product in the hierarchy which is not specified, is derived from price of the product in higher levels. You can find Base Price List by Product Category with Evaluation in Pricing view and Base Price List by Product Category with Evaluation (Gross) in Pricing (Gross) view under Product and Service Portfolio work center.

6. Approval for Customer Invoicing Documents – Approval for Manual Customer Invoice and Credit Memo
You can now set up approval process for manual customer invoices and credit memos if the documents exceed a defined threshold.

7. Customer Invoice Split – Creating Customized Invoice Split Rules
You can create invoice split rules with certain split parameters and the invoice requests will split into several invoices.

8. Trace of Tax Decision Tree – Activating Tax Trace for Customer Invoice and Sales Order Documents
You can activate tax trace for customer invoice and sales order documents, which will display trace of the tax decision tree which is used for tax calculation for items within the document.
Note: This option can be selected before releasing the customer invoice or before the system changes the sales order status to completed.

9. Contract Renewal Rules for Creation of Sales Quote for Contract – Creating Sales Quote for Contract on Contract Renewal
You can now define contract renewal rules when creating a sales quote for contracts. You can also add new conditions that enable advance creation of quote and automatic submission of quote to the customer.

Supply Chain Management

1. Product Master Data -Create Kits and Kit Lists
You can now create new kits and kit item lists in the Product Data Work Center.

Project Management

1. Projects View – Price Fields in Project Purchase Requests Without the Multi-step Approval Process
Price fields such as Net Price, Price Unit, and Net Value are now available while creating a purchase request, even when the multi-step approval process for a project purchase request is not enabled in your solution.

2. Workflow Rules – Workflow Rules Enablement for Projects
You can now define workflow rules and notifications for projects in the Workflow Rules View, which can be found in the Application and User Management Work Center.

Supplier Relationship Management

1. Form Template Selection View – Creating Form Template Rules for Changed and Cancelled Purchase Orders
You can now define the default criteria for form template selections when dealing with changed and canceled purchase orders which have a defined Company, Supplier, or Purchasing Unit.

2. Output Channel Selection View – Creating Output Channel Rules for Cancelled and Created Purchase Orders
ByDesign now has the ability to define the defaulting criteria for output channel selection in changed and canceled purchase orders that include the additional attributes of Company and Supplier.

3. Ariba Catalog Integration
You can now pass dynamic values for OCI based Ariba catalog integrations.

4. Defaulting of Flags in PO Edit Screen
You can now add default values in the purchase order item follow-up document settings table.

What's New in SAP Business ByDesign 1608 and How to Use It - Read the full article with detailed descriptions on how to use each new piece of functionality in the FMT blog.

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