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SAP Abbreviations

Abbreviation Area Description
AA Finance Asset Accounting
ABAP Technical Advanced Business Application Programming
ABC Finance Activity Based Costing
ACF Technical Active Component Framework 
ADBC Technical ABAP Database Connectivity 
ADK Technical Archive Development Kit 
ADS Adobe Adobe Document Services
AFS SAP Module Apparel and Footwear Solution
AIF Integration Application Interface Framework
ALD Adobe Adobe LiveCycle Designer 
ALE Integration Application Link Enabling (SALE)
ALV Technical SAP List Viewer (old: ABAP List Viewer)
ANSI Standard American National Standard Institute 
AP Finance Accounts Payable
API Technical Application Program Interface
APO Supply Chain Advanced Planning & Optimization 
AR Finance Accounts Receivable
aRFC Technical Asynchronous Remote Function Call 
AS General Application System
ASAP Project Management Accelerated SAP Methodology for Implementation 
ASC Standard Accredited Standards Committee 
ASCII Standard American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASE Technical SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise
ASUG Organization Americas’ SAP Users’ Group
ATP Supply Chain Available to Promise
Aunit Technical ABAP Unit 
B2B Integration Business to Business
BAdI Technical Business Add-In 
BAPI Technical Business Application Programming Interface 
BBP Supply Chain Business-to-Business Procurement 
BC Basis Basis Module
BC Integration Business Connector
BDC Technical Batch Data Communication
BDoc Technical Business Document
BEx Analytics Business Explorer
bgRFC Technical Background Remote Function Call 
BI Analytics Business Intelligence
BL Finance Bank Ledger
BObj Analytics Business Objects
BOM Logistics Bill of Material
BOR Technical Business Object Repository (SWO1)
BPEL Technical Business Process Execution Language (for Web Services) 
BPM Process Business Process Management
BPMN Process Business Process Modeling Notation 
BRF Technical Business Rule Framework 
BRM Technical Business Rule Management
BSP Technical Business Server Page 
BTCI Technical BaTCh Input
BTE Technical Business Transaction Events (FIBF)
BW Analytics Business Warehouse
bXML Integration Business XML 
BYOD General Bring your own device
CA Finance Contract Accounting
CA General Cross Applications 
CAF Technical Composite Application Framework 
CAM Finance Common Area Maintenance
CASE General Computer Aided Software Engineering
CATS Personnel Cross-Application Time Sheet 
CATT Testing Computer Aided Test Tool 
CCMS  Technical Computing Center Management System 
CEL Finance Cost Element Ledger
CFM Finance Corporate Finance Management  
CIC Sales Customer Interaction Center 
CMI Supply Chain Customer Managed Inventory
CMS Process Content Management System
CO SAP Module Controlling
CoA Finance Charts of Accounts
CP Personnel Cost Planning
CPI Integration Cloud Platform Integration
CPI-C  Technical Common Programming Interface for Communication 
CPM Process Corporate Performance Management
CRM SAP Module Customer Relationship Management
CS Controlling Consolidation System
CS Logistics Customer Service
CTN Logistics Carrier Tracking Number
CTS Technical Correction and Transport system 
CUA Security Central User Administration 
DB Basis Database
DDIC Technical Data Dictionary 
DDL Technical Data Definition Language 
DM / DEM Supply Chain Demand Management
DML Technical Data Manipulation Language 
DMS General Document Management System
DOM Technical Document Object Model 
DP Supply Chain Demand Planning
DPO Finance Days Payables Outstanding
DSO Finance Days Sales Outstanding 
DSS General Decision Support System 
DZ UOM Dozen
EAI Integration Enterprise Application Integration 
EB SAP Module SAP Enterprise Buyer 
EBCDIC  Standard Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code 
EC SAP Module Enterprise Controlling
eCATT Testing Extended CATT 
ECC SAP Module ERP Central Component 
ECM SAP Module Enterprise Content Management
EDI Integration Electronic Data Interface
EDIFACT Standard EDI for Administration, Commerce and Transport 
EDM SAP Module Energy Data Management
EHS Logistics Environment, Health & Safety
EIS Analytics Executive Information System 
EJB Technical Enterprise Java Beans 
EM SAP Module Event Management
EP Technical Enterprise Portal
EPCIS Standard Electronic Product Code Information Services
ERP SAP Module Enterprise Resource Planning
ES Integration Enterprise Services
ESA Integration Enterprise Services Architecture
ESS Personnel Employee Self-Services
ETL Technical Extract Transform and Load 
EWM Logistics Extended Warehouse Management
FATCA Finance Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
FI SAP Module Finance
FICO SAP Module Finance and Controlling
FS SAP Module Financial Solutions
FS / FSD Technical Functional Specification (Document)
FS-BP Financial Services Business Partner
FS-CD Financial Services Collection & Disbursement
FSCM Finance Financial Supply Chain Management 
FS-CM Financial Services Claim Management
FS-CML Financial Services Consumer, Corporate Mortgage Loans
FS-CMS Financial Services Collateral Management
FS-ICM Financial Services Incentive / Commission Management
FS-PM Financial Services Policy Management
FS-RI Financial Services Reinsurance
GATP Supply Chain Global Available to Promise
GBT SAP Module Global Batch Traceability
GL Finance General Ledger
GMT General Greenwich Mean Time 
GOS Technical Generic Object Services 
GRC General Governance, Risk and Compliance
GTS SAP Module Global Trade Services
GUI Technical Graphical User Interface
GUID Technical Global Unique Identifier
HCM Personnel Human Capital Management
HR Personnel Human Resources
HTML Technical Hyper Text Markup Language
HTMLB  Technical HTMLBusiness 
HTTP Technical Hyper Text Transfer Protocol 
HTTPS  Technical Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure 
IAC Technical Internet Application Component 
IBP SAP Module Integrated Business Planning
ICF Technical Internet Communication Framework (SICF)
ICM Personnel Incentive and Commission Management
ICM Technical Internet Communication Manager (SMICM)
IDES General Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System
IDoc Technical Intermediate Document
IM SAP Module Inventory Management
IM SAP Module Investment Management
IMG Technical Implementation Management Guide
IoT General Internet of Things
IS Industry Industry Solutions
IS-A Industry Automobile
IS-H Industry Healthcare
IS-M Industry Media
IS-OIL Industry Oil and Gas
IS-PS Industry Public Sector
IS-R Industry Retail
IS-RE Industry Real Estate
IS-T Industry Telecommunication
IS-U Industry Utilities
ITS Technical Internet Transaction Server
J2EE Technical Java 2 Enterprise Edition
JCo Technical Java Connector 
JDBC Technical Java Database Connectivity 
JRE Technical Java Runtime Environment
JSP Technical Java Server Page
KG UOM Kilogram
KISS Business Keep it short and simple 
KM Process Knowledge Management
KPI Business Key performance indicator
KW General Knowledge Warehouse
LB UOM Pound
LC Finance Legal Consolidation
LDAP Technical Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 
LDB Technical Logical Database 
LE Logistics Logistics Execution
LIFO Technical Last in First Out
LO Logistics Logistics General
LOB Business Line of Business
LOI Business Letter of Intent
LSMW Technical Legacy System Migration Workbench 
LUW Technical Logical Unit of Work
MBO Business Management by Objectives
MCM Technical Mobile Content Management
MDM SAP Module Master Data Management
MDM Technical Mobile Device Management
MES Logistics Manufacturing Execution System 
MII SAP Module Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence
MM Logistics Materials Management
MRP Logistics Materials Requirements Planning
MSS Personnel Manager Self-Services
MVC Technical Model-View-Controller
NFS Technical Network File System 
NPV Business Net present value
NW Technical NetWeaver 
NWDS Technical NetWeaver Developer Studio 
ODBC Technical Open DataBase Connectivity 
ODBO Technical OLE DB for OLAP
ODS Technical Open Data Source 
OLAP Technical Online-Analytical-Processing
OLE Technical Object Linking and Embedding 
OLTP Technical Online-Transaction-Processing
OM Controlling Overhead Cost
OM Personnel Organizational Management
OPA Controlling Overhead Orders and Project Accounting
OS Basis Operating System
OSS Support Online Support System 
OTC / O2C Process Order to Cash
PA Controlling Profitability Analysis
PA Personnel Personnel Administration 
PAI Technical Process After Input 
PAW Technical Performance Assessment Workbench 
PBO Technical Process Before Output
PC Controlling Product Cost
PCA Controlling Profit Center Accounting
PCC General Pre-Configured Client 
PCo Integration SAP Plant Connectivity
PD Personnel Personnel Development
PDF General Portable Document Format 
PDM Logistics Product Data Management
PE Personnel Training and Event Management
PI Integration Process Integration
PIR Logistics Planned Independent Requirements
PLM Logistics Product Lifecycle Management
PM Business Project Management
PM Logistics Plant Maintenance
PO Integration Process Orchestration
POC Business Proof of Concept
POH Technical Process on Help Request 
POS Business Point of sale
POV Technical Process on Value Request 
PP Logistics Production Planning
PPF Technical Post Processing Framework 
PQP Business Project Quality Plan
PS SAP Module Project Systems
PSM Finance Public Sector Management
PT Personnel Personnel Time Management
PTP / P2P Process Procure to Pay
QA Business Quality Assurance
QIM SAP Module Quality Issue Management
QM Logistics Quality Management
qRFC Technical Queued Remote Function Call 
R&D General Research and Development
R/2 General Real Time 2 Tier 
R/3 General Real Time 3 Tier 
RE / REM SAP Module Real Estate Management
RFC General Request for Change / Comments
RFC Technical Remote Function Call
RFI Business Request for Information
RFID General Radio Frequency Identification
RFM Technical Remote Function Module
RFP Business Request for Proposal
ROI Business Return on Investment
RPC Technical Remote Procedure Call
RSS Technical Rich Site Summary 
RSS Technical Really Simple Syndication
S&OP SAP Module Sales and Operations Planning
SaaS Technical Software as a Service
SAP General Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing 
SAP B1 SAP Solution SAP Business One
SCM Supply Chain Supply Chain Management
SCN  Forum SAP Community Network
SD Logistics Sales & Distribution
SDK Technical Software Development kit 
SDN Forum SAP Developer Network
SEM General Strategic Enterprise Management 
SFW Technical Switch Framework 
SL Finance Special Purpose Ledger
SLA Analytics Service Level Agreement
SLD Technical System Landscape Directory
SLM Business Supplier Lifecycle Management
SM Basis Solution Manager
SM SAP Module Service Management
SMART Business Specific, Measurable,  Achievable, Relevant, Time-Specific
SMB General Small Midsize Business
SMTP Technical Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 
SNC SAP Module Supply Network Collaboration
SNP Supply Chain Supply Network Planning
SOA Integration Service-oriented architecture
SOAP Integration Simple Object Access Protocol
SOD Business Statement of Direction
SolMan Basis Solution Manager
SPOOL Technical Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On-line 
SQL Technical Structured Query Language 
sRFC Technical Synchronous Remote Function Call 
SRM Logistics Supplier Relationship Management
SSL Technical Secure Sockets Layer
SVG Technical Scalable Vector Graphics
T&E Business Time and Expenses
T&M Business Time and Material
TCO Business Total cost of ownership
TCP Technical Transmission Control Protocol
TM SAP Module Transportation Management
TMS Technical Transport Management System
TPOS Finance Taxpayer Online Services
TQM Business Total Quality Management
TR SAP Module Treasury
tRFC Technical Transaction Remote Function Call 
TS / TSD Technical Technical Specification (Document)
TV Finance Travel Management
UAT Business User Acceptance Test
UDDI Standard Universal Description, Discovery and Integration 
UE Technical User-Exit 
UML Technical Unified Modeling Language
UN/EDIFACT Standard United Nation EDI for Administration, Commerce and Transport 
UPC Standard Universal Product Code
USP Business Unique Selling Point / Proposition
UT1 Standard Universal Time 
UTC Standard Coordinated Universal Time 
UTF Standard Universal Transformation Format 
UTF-16  Standard 16 bit Unicode character representation 
UTF-32 Standard 32 bit Unicode character representation 
UTF-8 Standard 8 bit Unicode character representation 
UUID Standard Universal Unique Identifier 
UWL Technical Universal Worklist
VAN General Value Added Network 
VMI Supply Chain Vendor Managed Inventory
VMS Business Vendor Management System
VPN Technical Virtual Private Network
WAS Technical Web Application Server
WBS Logistics Work Breakdown Structure 
WD Technical Web Dynpro 
WD4A  Technical Web Dynpro for ABAP 
WD4J  Technical Web Dynpro for Java 
WF SAP Module Workflow
WFMC  Standard WorkFlow Management Coalition 
WIP Business Work in Process
WM Logistics Warehouse Management
WSDL  Integration Web Services Description Language 
XI Integration Exchange Interface
XML Integration Extensible Markup Language
XSD Standard XML Schema Definition 
XSL Standard EXtensible Stylesheet Language 
XSLT Standard XSL Transformations 

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