Thursday, April 13, 2017

SAP Reports

Report Description Area
RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN Search ABAP program for a string ABAP
RSINCL00 Extended ABAP Program Reference List ABAP
RSPARAM Display all instance parameters ABAP
SHOWCOLO Show all colors available ABAP
SHOWICON Show all icons ABAP
SHOWSYMB Display symbols ABAP
BALVBUFDEL Delete ALV buffer Basis
RKSE16N_CD_DISPLAY Log of table changes by se16n Basis
RSBDCOS0 Execute OS command (Logged in SYSLOG and Trace Files) Basis
RSBTCDEL2 Delete batch jobs (from database table) Basis
RSTBPDEL Delete records in DBTABLOG (scu3) Basis
RSTRANSP Create transport for SAP Report Variants Basis
RSTXTRAN Create transport for SAP Script texts Basis
RSUSR002_ADDRESS User by address data, logon name, etc. Basis
RSVARFIT Adjust variants to modified selection criteria Basis
RSVTPROT Evaluation of change logs (table log must be activated) Basis
RSWBO052 Change Object Directory Entries Basis
RSWBO060 Include Objects in a Transport Request Basis
SALV_BS_ADMIN_MAINTAIN Creating Control Values for ALV; see table SALV_BS_ADMIN Basis
RSCONN01 SAP-Connect: Start Email Send Process Connections
RFTBFF00 Import market data, TBDM, TCURR Functional
RBDAPP01 Post Inbound Idocs IDoc
RBDMANIN Reprocess Idocs IDoc
RSEOUT00 Send output to Idocs IDoc
RSPO0041 Delete Old Spool Requests Spool
RSTXPDFT4 (Convert) Download SAP spool as PDF Spool
RSTXPDFT5 GUI download of a spool request Spool

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