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SAP Tables

Definition Area
D010TAB Where Used: Report - Tables ABAP
D020S/T Screen Short Description ABAP
DD01L Domains ABAP
DD02L/T/V SAP Tables (se11) ABAP
DD03L/T Table Fields (View: DD03VT) ABAP
DD04L/T Data elements ABAP
DD07L Values for the domains (View: DD07V) ABAP
DD09L Technical settings of tables ABAP
DD12L Secondary Indices ABAP
DM42S Table relationship (sd11) ABAP
ENLFDIR Add. Attributes: Function Modules ABAP
FILEPATH Logical file names ABAP
PATH Physical paths / file names ABAP
SYST ABAP System Fields (structure) ABAP
T100 Messages ABAP
TADIR-T Directory of Repository Objects ABAP
TAPLT Program Application Long Texts ABAP
TDEVC-T Packages (Development class) ABAP
TFDIR,TFTIT Function Module (se37) / FM short text ABAP
TMDIR Methods in a class ABAP
TRDIR Programs / Sources (REPOSRC / D010SINF) ABAP
TSE05 ABAP Editor insert commands ABAP
TSTCP Parameter for transactions ABAP
TSTC-T Transaction Codes (= TC) ABAP
VBDATA Update data ABAP
VBMOD Update function modules (Registered) ABAP
AGKO Cleared Accounts Accounting Docs
BKPF Accounting documents Accounting Docs
BSAD Customers (cleared items) Accounting Docs
BSAK Vendors (cleared items) Accounting Docs
BSAS G/L accounts (cleared items) Accounting Docs
BSEC One-Time Account Doc. Line / CpD Accounting Docs
BSEG Document line Accounting Docs
BSET Tax Data Document line Accounting Docs
BSID Accounting: Secondary index customers Accounting Docs
BSIK Accounting: Secondary index vendors Accounting Docs
BSIP Vendor validation of double doc. Accounting Docs
BSIS Accounting: Secondary index for G/L Accounting Docs
F111G Settings Payment Requests Accounting Docs
GLT0 G/L account transaction figures Accounting Docs
REGUH Settlement data payment program Accounting Docs
REGUP Processed items payment program Accounting Docs
REGUT TemSe - Administration Data Accounting Docs
VBKPF Header for Document Parking Accounting Docs
ADCP Person -> Address assignment Address
ADR2 Telephone Number Address
ADRC Addresses (Business Address Service) Address
ADRCITY Postal cities Address
ADRP Persons Address
LTDXD/S Default display variants ALV
LTDX-T ALV display layouts ALV
TCVIEW Table control views (user settings) ALV
ARCH_OBJ Objects for archiving and reorganization Archive
BNKA Bank Master Bank
T012A / B Allocation pmnt methods -> Bank transfer Bank
T012C Terms for bank transactions Bank
T012D Parameter for DMEs and foreign PM Bank
T012E EDI-compatible house banks / PM Bank
T012K House Bank Accounts Bank
T012O ORBIAN Detail: Bank Accounts, . Bank
T012-T House Banks Bank
TIBAN IBAN (International Bank Account Number) Bank
BTCJSTAT Run-time statistics background processing Basis
BTCSEV/D System event ID for background processing Basis
BTCUEV/D Event ID for background process. Basis
CCCFLOW Client Copy Control Flow Basis
CVERS Release Status of Software Components within the SAP System Basis
DBTABLOG Log Records of Table Changes Basis
DDSHPVAL5 Personal Help Values Basis
PAT03 Hot packages Basis
SDBAC Database Action Table Basis
SNAP Snapshot for Runtime Errors (Dumps) Basis
TBTCO Job status overview Basis
TBTCP Batch Input step overview Basis
TPROT Tables to be logged Basis
VRSX Central Table: Version Management Basis
T015M Names of the months Calendar
T247 Month name and short text Calendar
TFACD Factory calendar definition Calendar
THOCI Public holiday calendar index Calendar
TTZZ/D Time Zones / Summer time rules Calendar
CDHDR Change document header Change Docs
CDPOS Change document items Change Docs
CEPC-T Profit Center Master Data Table Controlling
CKPH-T Master Record: Cost Object ID Number Controlling
COBK CO Object: Document header Controlling
COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period) Controlling
COSP CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings Controlling
COST CO Object: Price Totals Controlling
CSKA Cost elements (chart of accounts) Controlling
CSKB Cost elements (controlling area) Controlling
CSKS/T Cost center: Master Controlling
CSKU Cost element texts Controlling
CSLA/T Activity master Controlling
CSSK Cost center: Cost element Controlling
CSSL Cost center: Activity Controlling
KALO Costing Run: Costing Objects (KVMK) Controlling
KANZ Sales order items - costing objects Controlling
KEKO Product Costing - Header Data Controlling
KEPH Cost Components for Cost of Goods Mfd Controlling
TKA01/2 Controlling areas / assignment Controlling
AFKO Order header data PP orders Cost Accounting
AFPO Order item Cost Accounting
AUFK Order master data Cost Accounting
TCURC/T Currency codes (Report RFTBFF00) Currency
TCURR Exchange Rates (View: V_CURC) Currency
TCURX/F/V Decimal places / Conversion Factors / Types Currency
KNA1 Customer Master Customer Master
KNAS VAT registration numbers Customer Master
KNB1/5 Company code / Dunning data Customer Master
KNB4 Customer payment history Customer Master
KNBK Bank details Customer Master
KNC1/3 Transaction Posting figures / Special G/L Customer Master
DOKHL Documentation: Headers Documentation
DOKIL Index for Documentation Table DOKH Documentation
DOKTL Documentation - text lines Documentation
T000/1 Clients / Company Codes (= CC) Enterprise Structure
T001B Permitted Posting Periods Enterprise Structure
T002 Language Keys Enterprise Structure
T003-T Document Types Enterprise Structure
T004 Directory of Charts of Accounts Enterprise Structure
T005-T Countries Enterprise Structure
T006 Units of Measurement Enterprise Structure
T009 Fiscal Year Variants Enterprise Structure
T010O/P Posting period variant Enterprise Structure
T014 Credit control areas Enterprise Structure
T077S G/L account groups Enterprise Structure
T880 Global Company Data Enterprise Structure
TGSB-T Business Areas Enterprise Structure
STXB Texts in non-SAP script format Forms
STXFADM Smart Forms: Administration Forms
STXH SAP script text file header Forms
STXL SAP script text file lines Forms
SKA1 / T G/L accounts (chart of accounts) General Ledger
SKAS Chart of accounts: key word list General Ledger
SKB1 G/L accounts (company code) General Ledger
SKM1 / T Sample G/L accounts General Ledger
SKPF Inventory Sampling General Ledger
EDID4 IDoc Data Records IDoc
EDIDC IDoc Control Record IDoc
EDIDS IDoc Status Records IDoc
T056 Interest settlement Interest
T056G Interest calculation rules Interest
T056R Interest reference definition Interest
T056S Interest scale interest terms Interest
T056Z Interest Rates Interest
T5DCX Calculation for Contribution Reimbursement Interest
CHVW   Table CHVW for Batch Where Used List Inv. Management
IKPF   Header: Physical Inventory Document  Inv. Management
ISEG   Physical Inventory Document Items  Inv. Management
MARI   Short document: material movement  Inv. Management
MKPF   Header: Material Document  Inv. Management
MMIM_REP_PRINT   Print Settings, Reporting MM / IM Inv. Management
MSEG   Document Segment: Material  Inv. Management
RESB   Reservation/dependent requirements  Inv. Management
RKPF   Document Header: Reservation  Inv. Management
T156   Movement Type  Inv. Management
T156M   Posting String: Quantity  Inv. Management
T156S   Movement Type: Quantities/Value Posting (Until Rel. 4.5B)  Inv. Management
T156SY   Mvt Type: Qty/Value Update: System Table; Rel. 4.6A  Inv. Management
T156T   Movement Type Text  Inv. Management
T156W   Posting string values  Inv. Management
BSIM   Secondary Index, Documents for Material  Invoice Verification
RBCO   Document Item, Incoming Invoice, Account Assignment  Invoice Verification
RBDIFFKO   Invoice Verification Conditions Invoice Verification
RBDRSEG   Batch IV: Invoice Document Items  Invoice Verification
RBEX   Persistent Key Figures Header and Item  Invoice Verification
RBKP   Document Header: Invoice Receipt  Invoice Verification
RBKP_BLOCKED   Logistics Invoice Verification: Blocked Invoices  Invoice Verification
RBKP_V   Generierte Tabelle zu einem View  Invoice Verification
RBKPB   Invoice Document Header (Batch Invoice Verification)  Invoice Verification
RBTX   Taxes: Incoming Invoice  Invoice Verification
RBWS   Withholding Tax Data, Incoming Invoice  Invoice Verification
RKWA   Consignment Withdrawals  Invoice Verification
RSEG   Document Item: Incoming Invoice  Invoice Verification
T149D   Global Valuation Types  Invoice Verification
V_169P_MB   Generierte Tabelle zu einem View  Invoice Verification
MCSI   File for Storage of Selection Versions (INDX)  LIS
S001   SIS: Customer Statistics  LIS
S002   SIS: Sales Office Statistics  LIS
S003   SIS: SalesOrg/DistCh/Division/District/Customer/Product  LIS
S004   SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution Channel  LIS
S012   Purchasing  LIS
S022   SFIS: Order Operation Data for Work Center  LIS
S026   Material Usage  LIS
S031   Statistics: Movements for current stocks  LIS
S032   Statistics: Current Stock and Grouping Terms  LIS
S039   Statistics: Inventory Controlling  LIS
S066   Open orders: credit management  LIS
S067   Open deliveries/billing documents (KM)  LIS
S076   Sales & Operations Planning  LIS
S990   Sales Forecasting Actuals  LIS
CDATA   Change Data  Logistics
KNA1   General Data in Customer Master  Logistics
KNVV   Customer Master Sales Data  Logistics
LFM1   Vendor master record purchasing organization data  Logistics
MAKT   Material Descriptions  Logistics
MARA   General Material Data  Logistics
MARC   Plant Data for Material  Logistics
MARD   Storage Location Data for Material  Logistics
MAST   Material to BOM Link  Logistics
MBEW   Material Valuation  Logistics
MVKE   Sales Data for Material  Logistics
STKO   BOM Header  Logistics
STPO   BOM item  Logistics
T001W   Plants/Branches  Logistics
VEKP   Handling Unit  Header Logistics
VEPO  Handling Unit Item Logistics
NRIV Number range intervals Number Range
TNRO Number range objects Number Range
SOFM Folder contents Office
SOOS Send process Office
T008 Blocking reasons for automatic pmnt transactions Payment
T042 Parameters for payment transactions Payment
T042A Bank selection for payment program Payment
T042B Details on the company codes that pay Payment
T042C Technical Settings: payment program Payment
T042D Available amounts for payment program Payment
T042E Company code-specific: payment methods Payment
T042F / H Payment method supplements Payment
T042G Groups of company codes (payment program) Payment
T042I Account determination for payment program Payment
T042J Bank charges determination Payment
T042K Accounts for bank charges Payment
T042N / L Bank transaction codes Payment
T042S Charges/expenses for automatic pmnt transactions Payment
T042V Value date for automatic payments Payment
T042W Permitted currency keys for payment method Payment
T042Z Payment method for automatic payment Payment
AFIH   Maintenance order header  Plant Maintenance
AUFM   Goods movements for order  Plant Maintenance
BGMKOBJ   Master Warranty Object Assignment Plant Maintenance
BGMT   Master Warranty Text  Plant Maintenance
EQKT   Equipment Short Texts  Plant Maintenance
EQKT   Equipment Short Texts  Plant Maintenance
EQUI   Equipment master data  Plant Maintenance
EQUZ   Equipment time segment  Plant Maintenance
EQUZ   Equipment time segment  Plant Maintenance
HIMA   PM order history - materials Plant Maintenance
IFLO   Generierte Tabelle zu einem View  Plant Maintenance
IFLOT   Functional Location (Table)  Plant Maintenance
IFLOT   Functional Location (Table)  Plant Maintenance
IFLOTX   Functional Location: Short Texts  Plant Maintenance
IHPA   Plant Maintenance: Partners  Plant Maintenance
IHPA   Plant Maintenance: Partners  Plant Maintenance
ILOA   PM Object Location and Account Assignment  Plant Maintenance
ILOA   PM Object Location and Account Assignment  Plant Maintenance
IMPTT   Measuring Point (Table)  Plant Maintenance
IMRG   Measurement Document  Plant Maintenance
IMRG   Measurement Document  Plant Maintenance
INET   Object networking  Plant Maintenance
ITOB   Generierte Tabelle zu einem View  Plant Maintenance
ITOB   Generierte Tabelle zu einem View  Plant Maintenance
MPOS   Maintenance item  Plant Maintenance
PMCO   Cost structure of maintenance order  Plant Maintenance
QMEL   Quality Notification  Plant Maintenance
QMFE   Quality notification Items Plant Maintenance
V_EQUI   Generierte Tabelle zu einem View  Plant Maintenance
VIQMEL   Generierte Tabelle zu einem View  Plant Maintenance
AFBP   CIM order: Batch print requests  Production Orders
AFFL   Work order sequence  Production Orders
AFFW   Goods Movements with Errors from Confirmations  Production Orders
AFKO   Order header data PP orders  Production Orders
AFPO   Order item  Production Orders
AFRC   Incorrect cost calculations from confirmations  Production Orders
AFRU   Order Confirmations  Production Orders
AFRV   Confirmation pool  Production Orders
AFSPOPR   Split Operations in an Order Split  Production Orders
AFSPREL   Relation Between Orders in an Order Split  Production Orders
AFVC   Operation within an order  Production Orders
AFVU   DB structure of the user fields of the operation  Production Orders
AFVV   DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation  Production Orders
AFWI   Subsequently posted goods movements for confirmations  Production Orders
CAUFV   Generierte Tabelle zu einem View  Production Orders
AMPL   Table of Approved Manufacturer Parts  Purchasing
EBAN   Purchase Requisition  Purchasing
EBKN   Purchase Requisition Account Assignment  Purchasing
EINA   Purchasing Info Record: General Data  Purchasing
EINE   Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization Data  Purchasing
EKAN   Vendor Address: Purchasing Document  Purchasing
EKBE   History per Purchasing Document  Purchasing
EKBZ   History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs  Purchasing
EKES   Vendor Confirmations  Purchasing
EKET   Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines  Purchasing
EKKN   Account Assignment in Purchasing Document  Purchasing
EKKO   Purchasing Document Header  Purchasing
EKPO   Purchasing Document Item  Purchasing
EORD   Purchasing Source List  Purchasing
T024   Purchasing Groups  Purchasing
TVAK   Sales Document Types  Sales
TVAP   Sales Document: Item Categories  Sales
TVAUT   Sales Documents: Order Reasons: Texts  Sales
TVLVT   Release order usage ID: Texts  Sales
VAKPA   Sales Index: Orders by Partner Function  Sales
VAPMA   Sales Index: Order Items by Material  Sales
VBAK   Sales Document: Header Data  Sales
VBAP   Sales Document: Item Data  Sales
VBEP   Sales Document: Schedule Line Data  Sales
VBKD   Sales Document: Business Data  Sales
VBLB   Sales document: Release order data  Sales
VBUK   Status Header Sales
VBUP   Status Item Sales
VBUV   Sales Document: Incompletion Log  Sales
VEDA   Contract Data  Sales
VEPVG   Delivery Due Index  Sales
VKDFS   SD Index: Billing Initiator  Sales
DEVACCESS Table for development user / key Security
TOBJ Authorization objects -> Class assignment Security
TSTCA Transaction -> authorizations Security
USOBT Transaction -> authorization object Security
KNVS   Customer Master Shipping Data  Shipping
LIKP   SD Document: Delivery Header Data  Shipping
LIPS   SD document: Delivery: Item data  Shipping
SHP_IDX_GDSI   Outbound Deliveries: Not Posted for Goods Issue  Shipping
TVKOL   Picking: Storage Location Determination for Deliveries  Shipping
TVLK   Delivery Types  Shipping
TVLS   Deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Criteria  Shipping
TVLST   Deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Scope: Texts  Shipping
TVPOD   Sales Document: Delivery: POD Data  Shipping
TVSTZ   Organizational Unit: Shipping Points per Plant  Shipping
VARK   Delivery Plan: Customer Specific Itinerary  Shipping
VBFS   Error Log for Collective Processing  Shipping
VBLK   SD Document: Delivery Note Header  Shipping
VLKPA   SD Index: Deliveries by Partner Functions  Shipping
VLPMA   SD Index: Delivery Items by Material  Shipping
TSP01 Spool Requests Spool
TSP02 Print Requests Spool
TST01/03 TemSe - header and data (= Temp. Sequential) Spool
JCDS / JEST Change Documents for System / User Status Status
JSTO Status object information Status
T007A/S Tax Keys Taxes
T007B Tax Processing in Accounting Taxes
T059A/B Type of Recipient for Vendors Taxes
T059C/D . per Withholding Tax Type Taxes
T059E/G Income Types Taxes
T059F Formulas for Calc. Withholding Tax Taxes
T059K Withholding tax code; process. key Taxes
T059P/Z Withholding tax types / tax code; enhanced Taxes
TTXOB/T, Valid text objects, see TTXID for text IDs Text
T043G-T TG of Customers / Vendors Tolerance
T043I TG for persons proc. Inventory Differences Tolerance
T043K Control of Payment Notices to C/V Tolerance
T043S-T Tolerances for Groups of G/L Accounts Tolerance
T043-T Assign Accounting Clerks > Tolerance Groups Tolerance
T043U Negative grace period Tolerance
A130   Service agent/tariff zone dep./tariff zone targ/shipping mat  Transportation
A131   Service Agent/TariffZnDp/TariffZnDest/Packaging Matl/VSEGR1  Transportation
B045   Shipment Type/Transportation Service Agent  Transportation
TROLZ   Routes: Determination in Deliveries  Transportation
TTDS   Organizational Unit: Transportation Scheduling Point  Transportation
TVRO   Routes  Transportation
TVTK   Shipment Types  Transportation
VFKK   Shipment Costs: Header Data  Transportation
VFKP   Shipment Costs: Item Data  Transportation
VTFA   Shipment Document Flow  Transportation
VTPA   Shipping Partner  Transportation
VTSP   Stage of Transport / Item Allocation  Transportation
VTTK   Shipment Header  Transportation
VTTP   Shipment Item  Transportation
VTTS   Stage of Shipment  Transportation
E070 /E71K Header of Requests / Tasks (View: E070V) Transports
E070C Source / Target Client of Requests / Tasks Transports
TLOCK Lock Table Transports
USR01/3 User master / address data (View V_ADDR_USR) User Admin
USR02 Logon data (including "Lock status") User Admin
USR04/5 Authorizations / Parameter ID User Admin
USR10 Authorization profiles User Admin
USR12 Authorization values User Admin
USR21 Assign user address key [ADRP] User Admin
USR40 Prohibited passwords User Admin
USR41 User logon data (sm04) User Admin
UST04 User -> Profile User Admin
UST12 Authorizations User Admin
TVARV Variables in selection criteria Variants
VARI Variant storage (similar to INDX) Variants
VARID/T Variant for Reports Variants
VARIS Assignment of variant to selection screen Variants
LFA1 Vendor Master Vendor Master
LFAS VAT registration numbers Vendor Master
LFB1/5 Company code / Dunning data Vendor Master
LFBK Bank details Vendor Master
LFC1/3 Transaction figures / Special G/L Vendor Master
LFM1 Record purchasing organization Vendor Master
T078K Transact.-depend. screen selection Vendor Master
LAGP   Storage bins  WM
LEIN   Storage unit header records  WM
LINP   Inventory document item in WM  WM
LINV   Inventory data per quant  WM
LL01   Whse Activity Monitor: Critical Transfer Order Items  WM
LQUA   Quants  WM
LTAK   WM transfer order header  WM
LTAP   Transfer order item  WM
LTBK   Transfer requirement header  WM
LTBP   Transfer requirement item  WM
LTHU   Assignment of Pick HUs to Transfer Orders  WM
T300   WM Warehouse Numbers  WM
T301   WM Storage Types  WM
T320   Assignment IM Storage Location to WM Warehouse Number  WM
T321   Assignment MM Movement Type  WM
SWWWIHEAD Header: All Work Item Types Workflow
VEVW Where Used: Handling Units

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