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Monday, August 14, 2017

Difference between SAP Workflow and SAP Event Management

People often confuse workflow functionality with SAP EM functionality and vice versa. Below is the rule of thumb that I follow to separate the understanding of the need for both sets of functionality.

  • Facilitates the delivery of work to the correct people. It collapses the time between tasks to get a complete end-to-end task completed quicker
  • Work is delivered together with the required information and functionality to carry out the actions to complete the work
  • You can assign deadlines to completing tasks
  • Is used to force a body of work through the desired process
Workflow is used to drive work through a defined process. It’s an operational tool used to ensure quality and timeliness of a process by ensuring work is performed the same way each time…
  • Allows you to monitor a defined process against it’s given plan
  • Catches exceptions when there is any deviation to the desired plan
  • Allows you to status your instance as it flows through the process
  • The plan includes timings, measurements, partners and locations
SAP EM is used to monitor and react to deviations to a plan. It’s a monitoring tool used to adapt a process when exceptions occur and to make visible the status of an instance as it goes through a defined process.
i.e. use Workflow to force a process to be followed and use SAP EM to view it’s progress / status and react to exceptions in that given process.

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