Thursday, September 14, 2017

SAP EM TIP: Post-Processing Activity in Rule Set

With SAP EM 9.2 SP06 a new activity type “Post Processing Activity” has been introduced. It can be used to execute certain activities once instead of multiple times when processing event messages.

Only one post processing activity can be assigned to each rule set and it will be executed exactly once after rule set processing is done. This allows the EM developer to trigger follow-up activities in a mass enabled way instead of triggering the single action possibly multiple times during rule set processing. To make this work rule set activities which are executed during the rule set processing have to collect all data that is necessary for the post processing activity instead of triggering the actions itself. Check in this SAP document to see how to do it: Post Processing Activity to boost performance of EM – TM integration

One new activity is already available in standard SAP (as well with SP06) to boost the performance of the EM – TM integration for scenarios in which event message processing is done in a mass-enabled way. The document mentioned above explains the details regarding this new activity TM_UPDATE_EXEC.

New customizing

Post Processing Activities can be created via IMG activity “Define Activities for SAP Event Management”:

Alternatively a new activity can be created via IMG activity “Define Rule Sets”. Here the Post Processing Activity can also be assigned to one or more rule sets:

For those who don't have SAP EM 9.2 SP6 the following notes can be implemented :
  • 2300737 : Value ‘Post Processing Activity’ is missing in domain /SAPTRX/FUNC_TYPE 
  • 2254731 : Post processing activity after rule set processing

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