Monday, November 13, 2017

Camelot ITLab joins SAP initiative to boost Blockchain and IoT | Technology | Supply Chain Digital

Read full press release here: "Camelot ITLab has announced it will be joining SAP’s brand-new initiative to boost Blockchain and IoT. With the SAP Blockchain and IoT Co-Innovation Program SAP customers get the opportunity to identify, discover and implement applications to capture various events in blockchain, from the design and development of products to production and logistics up to product tracking."

Minimizing Data Maintenance in SAP Distribution Channels and Divisions

SAP ERP is a powerful tool. You can do so much with it, it’s tempting to dive into the complexity and use features just for their own sake. But that’s not a good way to set up your SAP. Rather, you need to let business needs drive your SAP complexity. 

Today, we’ll be talking about SAP distribution channels and divisions and how you can set them up for minimal data maintenance. We’ll also talk about what this means for an SAP e-commerce integration--something to consider even if you aren’t currently doing e-commerce. (See our previous blog post announcing Corevist interface for eCommerce)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Key Takeaways From SAP's Q3

Read full article here "In continuation with a strong first half of the year, software giant SAP continued its impressive performance in Q3. Third quarter revenues grew 4% over the prior year period to $6.6 billion and were in line with the market expectations. Aided by a phenomenal increase in new cloud bookings, revenues from cloud business continued to be the primary growth driver. The cloud and software gross margins saw a marginal decline, but a substantial improvement in the services gross margin led to a slight improvement in overall margins. We expect cloud margins to continue declining in the near term, as the company faces tough competition from software behemoths like Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce. Operating profit and EPS grew by 19% and 35% year-over-year respectively, due to lower share-based compensation, acquisition-related charges and restructuring costs. While the revenue growth was seen across all business segments, SAP’s Cloud business, aided by a phenomenal increase in new bookings, was the standout performer. The company continued its dominance in the Enterprise Resource Planning software market, with more than 600 customers adopting its S/4HANA platform in the quarter, taking the overall count to over 6,900 customers. This should assuage some investor concerns about the long term value of this platform, the sheer power of which is reflected in its cost. Moreover, with 80% of its customers still using the earlier platform and expected to shift to the newer one in the near future, there is tremendous potential which the company expects to tap."

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Square Partners With SAP to embed Square payments in to SAP Business One

Square Partners With SAP (Read full article) "In Square Inc.'s (NYSE: SQ) second-quarter conference call, CEO Jack Dorsey promised that the company was constantly looking for ways it could "accelerate and deepen" its offerings to its customers. One of the ways the company has recently focused on in order to accomplish this goal is to embed its payment processing into existing business software platforms through partnerships. Earlier this quarter, Square partnered with Eventbrite, the popular live event-planning platform. 
More recently, Square announced another partnership, this time with SAP SE (NYSE: SAP), the German-based enterprise application software provider. Under the terms of the deal, announced on Square's corporate blog, Square's payment processing and financial services will now be integrated with SAP's Business One platform. SAP Business One is a software platform that provides small and medium-sized retailers with a variety of back-office business services, including accounting, project management, and human resources. With the integration of the two companies' services, businesses will now be able to view their sales and payment data with "one holistic view."

Thursday, November 2, 2017

TIP: Configuring the SAP EM Web UI

Daniel Haerder wrote a good blog introducing customizing of the SAP EM Web UI. Check it out here before continuing … Now let’s explore it in more detail.
Reference the following 2 links to give you more ideas around what is possible: