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Rev-Trac Case Study: NGA Human Resources

AT A GLANCE: The Challenge

NGA Human Resources is an HR & Payroll Outsourcing leader with over 1000 Cloud & ERP implementations, including 20% of Fortune Global 500 companies whose expectations are 100% accuracy and compliance. NGA HR needed controls and processes for their SAP HCM systems that would prevent changes from being initiated but not reaching production, manage deployments, ensure process enforcement and sequencing, and eliminate the excessive reliance on manual intervention.

The Solution

Using Rev-Trac’s process enforcement capabilities, NGA HR was able to customize and configure their change control processes to ensure segregation of duties, documentation of mandatory test results, and compliance that any change made in a landscape is tied to an approver. NGA achieved the level of compliance and control that helped the company to grow globally and maintain the reliability, control and compliance their customers have come to expect.

With 50 audits per year, Rev-Trac’s Overtake and Overwrite Protection (OOPS) and Segregation of Duties are at the heart of NGA Human Resources’ SAP HCM Change Control Success.

Consistently recognized as a market leader in HR & Payroll Outsourcing (workforce administration, payroll, time and attendance) NGA Human Resources (NGA HR) has offices in 35 countries, serving clients across 5 continents, and in 25 languages.

NGA HR’s advantage is a unique combination of deep HR experience and insight, a global portfolio of flexible service delivery options and advanced technology platforms. These applications include NGA HR ’s own euHReka software solution, powered by SAP HCM, ServiceNow, a range of proprietary NGA HR service delivery solutions, BMC, and Rev-Trac change control automation software from Revelation Software Concepts (RSC).

Rev-Trac’s Simplicity and Flexibility features solve a highly complex SAP HCM landscape requirement

If NGA HR was going to achieve its goals of continued growth and scalability, the organization was going to have to solve some key technical issues in their SAP HCM systems: these included too many changes initiated but not reaching production, deployment management including lack of process enforcement and sequencing, and an excessive reliance on manual intervention. All of these issues increase the risk of system failures - and with so much manual intervention, scalability of the kind NGA HR was hoping to achieve would be impossible.

In 2007, NGA HR implemented Rev-Trac to automate their SAP change control processes and deployments. Using Rev-Trac’s process enforcement capabilities and OOPS functionality (overtake and overwrite protection), NGA HR achieved the level of compliance and control their customers globally have come to expect and helped facilitate the kind of scalability NGA HR was pursuing.

Solving a Highly Complex SAP HCM Landscape Requirement

“Our customers depend on us; code must be delivered at the right time and into the right system, said Jean-Paul Oelfke, NGA HR Product Director of Quality assurance & Compliance. “With the enormous number of items we deploy, the confidence that Rev-Trac provides is a key contributor to our ability to extend our client base and provide our superior services globally”.

The company has a shared instance and only one Rev-Trac master for all of their 100+ BPO customers, helping to further simplify control. “We have 100+ customers on SAP HCM payroll (euHReka), some using multiple solutions. Using a single workflow strategy, we have created several Rev-Trac customer exit procedures that can take the customer’s specific needs into consideration,” said Jean-Paul Oelfke, NGA Product Director of Quality assurance & Compliance. “We have configured all possible approval steps in a single Rev-Trac strategy that is shared across our entire client base. Rev-Trac gives us a lot of flexibility to set it up in a single way - we could have a strategy by client, but then we’d have 100+ strategies!”

“Rev-Trac’s enforcement capabilities and OOPS functionalities are invaluable,” he continued. “Without it, you cannot manage your changes properly. We manage 1,500 transports a week on behalf of a wide variety of different clients; if you look at the volume of changes that go through our SAP HCM & payroll landscapes - it’s enormous.”


With Rev-Trac, NGA HR can stand up a new SAP HCM landscape in only a matter of hours. The company has improved its production system stability by streamlining SAP HCM change control processes and then enforcing them with tight controls. Additional benefits were seen in reduced costs and improved compliance management:
  • Virtually eliminated unplanned downtime
  • Prevented ± 500 potentially dangerous overtake and/or overwrite situations/month, saving over 1,700 hours of manual intervention
  • Was able to manage more change with fewer people and less human intervention
With over 50 audits per year across a global client base, NGA HR’s Rev-Trac-ServiceNow integration ensures 100% documentation of segregation of duties and mandatory test results, and compliance that any change made in a landscape is tied to an approver.

A recent Rev-Trac Health Check revealed that NGA HR has created almost 300,000 Rev-Trac requests, handled more than 6 million approvals, and managed 5.5 million migration and transports since they began using Rev-Trac. During that time over 200,000 OOPS reports have helped to ensure their parallel development changes are properly migrating across their SAP HCM landscape reducing production system risk and saving over 40 work weeks of manual intervention (calculated at 40 hours per work week).

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