Monday, February 19, 2018

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SAP will do small 'tuck-in' acquisitions, not mega deals, CEO Bill McDermott says

  • Investors should not expect the German software company to engage in big deals in the near future, McDermott told CNBC.
  • In January, SAP announced a deal to buy CallidusCloud for $2.4 billion. It was the first large acquisition for German firm since it bought Concur in 2014 for $7.3 billion.
  • McDermott explained that margins would rise in 2018 because heavy investment, such as opening data centers, is behind the company.

Friday, February 16, 2018

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SAP Introduces Business Integrity Screening Solution

SAP Introduces Business Integrity Screening Solution to Reduce Risks in Financial Transactions

  • Analyzes data in real time to identify exceptions, increase security within business transactions
  • Combines predefined detection rules and predictive analytics to address risks involving third parties and transactions
  • Flexible platform that integrates with other governance, risk, and compliance solutions to strengthen business integrity
WALLDORF, Germany, Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) has introduced SAP® Business Integrity Screening, an application that helps reduce financial risk within business transactions. It analyzes data for suspicious transactions and patterns in real time to spot exceptions, potential fraud and compliance failures. This automation results in major efficiency gains and cost savings.
The flexible platform, powered by SAP HANA®, allows organizations to address compliance assurance across a broad range of scenarios by detecting anomalous transactions early, before financial losses occur, and predicting or preventing future occurrences. The application also screens business entities and individuals against blacklisted or high-risk parties to reduce the risk of conducting business with such parties. All these features reduce the cost associated with investigations and compliance breaches.
With the rise of the digital economy, businesses are susceptible to new points of entry for potential fraud and other risks each day. Current detection measures leave investigators with too many false positives and more work than existing processes can support. Risk and compliance teams need to screen external partners to identify exposure to commercial and reputation risks as well as compliance issues. To efficiently protect the integrity of business processes, organizations must also improve the accuracy of exception detection in all transactions.
"The price for failing to properly screen the integrity of business activities can be steep," said Thack Brown, SAP general manager and global head of LoB Finance. "At SAP, we are dedicated to helping businesses run better, and mitigating risk is a critical part of that. Our new business integrity capabilities not only allow us to help spot, reduce and prevent fraud and other irregularities but also help our customers better identify the integrity of the third parties they conduct business with."

Thursday, February 15, 2018

SUSE collaborates with Amazon Web Services to accelerate SAP migrations

The expanded collaboration allows SUSE and AWS to meet growing customer demand for the agility and cost benefits of cloud-based business-critical applications.

Feb 14 - SUSE today announced the expansion of its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allows AWS to resell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications directly on AWS Marketplace. AWS customers running SAP workloads on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, a leading platform for SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA - will get an integrated and streamlined support experience from AWS and SUSE.

AWS customers can purchase the SUSE Linux Enterprise solution on demand, paying only for what they use. This expanded collaboration allows SUSE and AWS to meet growing customer demand for the agility and cost benefits of cloud-based business-critical applications.

Since AWS first certified its platform for SAP applications in 2012, customers have been using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to run their SAP workloads on AWS. In 2014, when AWS certified its instances for SAP HANA, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications was also made available on AWS. To date, customers have largely relied on SUSE's bring-your-own-subscription program to deploy SAP workloads on AWS. The expanded collaboration lets customers benefit from on-demand pricing and Reserved Instances as they grow their SAP footprint on AWS.

SAP Warranty Claims Management Solution Overview - Detering Consulting

SAP Warranty Claims Management is an SAP Project Delivery Capability @ Detering Consulting 
Looking for a state-of-the-art warranty solution for your enterprise?

SAP Warranty Claims Management Solution Overview

Warranty Solution Overview (Business)

SAP Warranty Claims Management is an SAP based solution. A successful warranty program solves claims administration challenges, improves customer service, while providing key insight into internal and customer facing KPIs. The SAP warranty solution is fully automated and integrated with Finance and Controlling. The solution actively supports quality management and management reporting, yields savings: see our warranty project calculator. We’d love to show you how to uncover untapped revenue opportunities within your company.
Warranty Solutions can be fully integrated with the following key business areas:
  • Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Billing

  • Finance and Controlling

  • Service Management

  • Quality Management

  • Vendor Recovery

Best kept secret is,- how to make an SAP project implementation pay for itself?
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Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Billing

Sales is a key component of the RMA process. Send out replacement spares to the client or service center, process RMA returns, correctly attribute cost and revenue to sales areas, business units, profit centers. Create accurate invoices of service activities and spare part management integrated with warranty claims credits, based on one source of the truth, improving billing and cash-flow.

Finance and Controlling

An integrated warranty system provides financial control concurrent with logistic movements. Real-time visibility into cost and revenue is a key driver for many SAP projects. Visibility of warranty accruals per period versus actual expenses enables fine-tuning general ledger accrual postings. Automate warranty provision, accrual processes.
Elevate your confidence in the global financial reporting picture to a new level: general ledger, controlling, profitability analysis, project accounting, automated to a detailed level, most enterprises would like to aspire to. Case in point: inter-company financial postings: inter-company billing seamless and automatic adhering to company code business rules on both sides, reducing accounting errors to zero.
For the full list of capabilities please read further at Detering Consulting.

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