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SAP Warranty Claims Management Solution Overview - Detering Consulting

SAP Warranty Claims Management is an SAP Project Delivery Capability @ Detering Consulting 
Looking for a state-of-the-art warranty solution for your enterprise?

SAP Warranty Claims Management Solution Overview

Warranty Solution Overview (Business)

SAP Warranty Claims Management is an SAP based solution. A successful warranty program solves claims administration challenges, improves customer service, while providing key insight into internal and customer facing KPIs. The SAP warranty solution is fully automated and integrated with Finance and Controlling. The solution actively supports quality management and management reporting, yields savings: see our warranty project calculator. We’d love to show you how to uncover untapped revenue opportunities within your company.
Warranty Solutions can be fully integrated with the following key business areas:
  • Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Billing

  • Finance and Controlling

  • Service Management

  • Quality Management

  • Vendor Recovery

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Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Billing

Sales is a key component of the RMA process. Send out replacement spares to the client or service center, process RMA returns, correctly attribute cost and revenue to sales areas, business units, profit centers. Create accurate invoices of service activities and spare part management integrated with warranty claims credits, based on one source of the truth, improving billing and cash-flow.

Finance and Controlling

An integrated warranty system provides financial control concurrent with logistic movements. Real-time visibility into cost and revenue is a key driver for many SAP projects. Visibility of warranty accruals per period versus actual expenses enables fine-tuning general ledger accrual postings. Automate warranty provision, accrual processes.
Elevate your confidence in the global financial reporting picture to a new level: general ledger, controlling, profitability analysis, project accounting, automated to a detailed level, most enterprises would like to aspire to. Case in point: inter-company financial postings: inter-company billing seamless and automatic adhering to company code business rules on both sides, reducing accounting errors to zero.
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