Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What is SAP Event Management?

SAP Event Management (EM) manages, tracks and monitors events (initial and ongoing), providing real-time visibility to the status of a pre-defined business process. The capability exists to alert all stakeholders of the content of these messages, thus providing the status of the process. SAP EM bridges the gap between “The Plan” and “The Execution of the Plan,” providing visibility to any discrepancies between the two.

The ability to monitor events, in real time and in their relationship to "The Plan", enables the " management of processes by exception" concept. Thus, an organization can manage only those processes that are not behaving according to "The Plan" and let the remaining “standard” processes proceed with no active involvement. The “perfect” process could be described as one where no intervention is needed to correct any bottlenecks because it meets the customer’s needs and company’s expectations.