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Today SAP released release 9.2 for EM, TM and EWM. Read the details below.

Sunday, 07 December 2014 16:00

TIP: What can I do with BAdI /SAPTRX/BADI_EH_S?

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Manipulate date before taking your actions:

  1. BEFORE_EH_POST    Before posting event handler data from application system
  2. BEFORE_EH_SAVE    Before saving event handler data
  3. BEFORE_EH_STATUS_CHECK    Before checking event handler status
  4. BEFORE_EH_SEARCH    Before EH searching
  5. CHECK_FOR_CHANGES    Check for significant EH changes; re-create EH if true


Manipulate the EH After you have taken your actions:

  1. AFTER_EH_SAVE    After saving event handler data
  2. AFTER_EH_STATUS_CHECK    After checking event handler status
  3. SET_LAST_EVENT_MSG    Set the last event message guid in the EH header
  4. SET_EVENT_STATUS    Set the event status (expected and unexpected)


Manipulate data after searching but before displaying the data for an EH:

  1. AFTER_GET_DATA    After getting event handler data
  2. AFTER_GET_DATA_DISP    After getting event handler data for display
  3. AFTER_GET_DATA_EH_LIST    After getting event handler detail data in /SAPTRX/EH_LIST
Sunday, 21 September 2014 19:30

TIP: SAP EM Overdue Monitor Performance Notes

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Kinjal, our SAP EM superstar compiled a short list of tips for improving the process of monitor your overdue events in SAP Event Management.


  • You can use /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_ADVANCED program instead of /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR.
    • How to improve performance using /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_ADVANCED program.
Thursday, 28 August 2014 13:37

Real use case: Supply Chain Maturity Whitepaper

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I recently published a blog detailing how the supply chain PTP (Procure to Pay) process could benefit from a tightly integrated SAP EDI process. To view the entire blog please read it at http://qdatausa.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/real-use-case-supply-chain-maturity-whitepaper

Read all the detail on our Q Data USA blog posting at http://qdatausa.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/sap-process-observer/

Highlights from the blog posting:

Process Observer is a component of SAP’s Business Suite foundation layer. Broadly speaking it can be used to monitor SAP Business Suite processes like OTC (Order to cash) and PTP (Procure to pay).

Industries that have a requirement to track their product movements via batches, whether it is legislated or based on a need for mature supply chain economics, find it difficult to perform these tasks in an efficient manner. Why the inefficiency?

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