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Openbravo ERP : Moving into Open Source ERP

Openbravo ERP instead of SAP? The past six years I worked with much pleasure in the SAP arena. I had the opportunity to work together with some of the larger corporations to help them achieve their ambitions. Part of my experiences is written down in this blog. Many people visit this blog on a daily basis and some of them leave me some wonderful messages. My contributions in last few months diminished, and will come to a total stop as of today.


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Lawson Links

  • Lawson Redraws ERP Blueprint - eWeek article outlines Lawson Software's 1000-day plan to transform its products into J2EE service-oriented applications.

  • Behold How Bright the Lawson Light-bulb Shines - John W. Eisenschmidt provides SQL, UNIX, and Windows scripts for administrators, presentation about security and performance, technical overview, and strong opinions.

  • David's Lawson Scripts - Collection of instructions, scripts, and configuration files for Lawson administrators.

  • LawsonGuru - Searchable site provides on-line documentation for multiple release levels, ERD diagrams, technical background, instructions, tips, whitepapers, presentations, links, and more.

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