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Materials Management Tables

EINAPurchasing Info Record- General Data
EINEPurchasing Info Record- Purchasing Organization Data
MAKTMaterial Descriptions
MARAGeneral Material Data
MARCPlant Data for Material
MARDStorage Location Data for Material
MASTMaterial to BOM Link
MBEWMaterial Valuation
MKPFHeader- Material Document
MSEGDocument Segment- Material
MVERMaterial Consumption
MVKESales Data for materials
RKPFDocument Header- Reservation
T023Mat. groups
T024Purchasing Groups
T156Movement Type
T157HHelp Texts for Movement Types
MOFFLists what views have not been created

Purchasing Tables

EBANPurchase Requisition
EBKNPurchase Requisition Account Assignment
EKABRelease Documentation
EKBEHistory per Purchasing Document
EKETScheduling Agreement Schedule Lines
EKKNAccount Assignment in Purchasing Document
EKKOPurchasing Document Header
EKPOPurchasing Document Item
IKPFHeader- Physical Inventory Document
ISEGPhysical Inventory Document Items
LFA1Vendor Master (General section)
LFB1Vendor Master (Company Code)
NRIVNumber range intervals
RESBReservation/dependent requirements
T161TTexts for Purchasing Document Types

We have said this on many occasions but I want to repeat this . All the SAP Material and Books available in the market do not take you by the hand and help you configure the SAP system. They talk about various things but you cannot keep them beside you and start configuring the system.

Show me one book on MM/WM which you can keep by your side and literally configure the SAP system. There does not exist any book as of today.

Right Click here and Choose Save As

SAP MM/WM Configuration Preview

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