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Sales and Distribution Tables

KONVConditions for Transaction Data
KONPConditions for Items
LIKPDelivery Header Data
LIPSDelivery: Item data
VBAKSales Document: Header Data
VBAPSales Document: Item Data
VBBESales Requirements: Individual Records
VBEHSchedule line history
VBEPSales Document: Schedule Line Data
VBFASales Document Flow
VBLBSales document: Release order data
VBLKSD Document: Delivery Note Header
VBPASales Document: Partner
VBRKBilling: Header Data
VBRPBilling: Item Data
VBUKSales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data
VBUPSales Document: Item Status
VEKPHandling Unit - Header Table
VEPOPacking: Handling Unit Item (Contents)
VEPVGDelivery Due Index

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