Monday, April 27, 2015

TIP : Available SAP Event Management user parameters

  • /SAPTRX/DF_EM_LEVEL    EM: Document Flow EM Level
  • /SAPTRX/DF_TAB_DISP    Display Document Flow with Table Structure
  • /SAPTRX/EE_MON_SEL    Display Monitor Fields
  • /SAPTRX/FS_MON    Display Monitor Fields (Seasonal Procurement)
  • /SAPTRX/INFOTYPE    BW infotype
  • /SAPTRX/NOPERFPOPUP    Disable the performance warning for selections ('X')
  • /SAPTRX/PTA_BI_DEBUG    PTA BI im Dialog: BREAK bzw. ohne Dialog: Sekunden im LOOP
  • /SAPTRX/REL_D    BW mapping relevance - durations
  • /SAPTRX/REL_T    BW mapping relevance - timestamps
  • /SAPTRX/REL_V    BW mapping relevance - values
  • /SAPTRX/WCL_ADMIN    Access the WCL administration page
  • /SAPTRX/WCLABAPDEBUG    Switch on Abap-Debugging 1 -visible, 2-invisible
  • /SAPTRX/WCLNOCACHING    Switch off caching of user profiles in WCL

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