Saturday, May 23, 2015

Changing master data in mass

Use transaction MASSD to change attributes of your various master data elements. The following master data objects can be changed using this transaction:
  1. BUS0015    Profit center
  2. BUS1001    Materials (industry)
  3. BUS1001001    Materials (retail)
  4. BUS1006    Business Partner
  5. BUS1133    Rental units
  6. BUS1178001    Mass Maintenance Mat
  7. BUS2012    Purchase orders
  8. BUS2013    Purch. Sched. Agrmt
  9. BUS2014    Purchase Contract
  10. BUS2031    Customer Quotation
  11. BUS2032    Sales orders
  12. BUS2034    Customer Contract
  13. BUS2104    Appropriation Req.
  14. BUS2105    Purchase Requisition
  15. BUS3003    Purchasing Info Rec.
  16. BUS3006    G/L Account
  17. CA_CONTACC    Contract Account
  18. FORCE_LS    ForceEl (Log. Syst.)
  19. KNA1    Customers
  20. LFA1    Vendors
Executing the transaction on Customers looks like this:

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