Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mapping the SAP IDoc to / from Partner Profile

I have spent many years coming to grips with the relationship between a SAP IDoc, the partner profile and how it relates to EDI. You can see sample mapping templates here and Sample EDI Specs here but this spreadsheet will hopefully make clear how the SAP Partner Profile (WE20) impacts the IDoc control record (EDIDC) and ultimately how it plays a role in selecting the appropriate map to use for translating in to an EDI message (for outbound). 2 Files are also attached to this post to show:
  1. See the 7 key fields used to determine which partner profile to select - See Image and relate to "Partner Profile Key" section 1-7 below
  2. Relating the EDI fields in the Partner profile to the EDI translation tool - See Image and relate to "EDI standard" section 1-3 below
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