Thursday, August 25, 2016

SAP Emphasizing Internet Of Things

SAP Emphasizing Internet Of Things

  • "Since early 2016, SAP has been increasing focus on the Internet of Things segment. 
  • It is working on offerings that will be able to support customers already using IoT-based systems, and it is also working on a future wave of SAP IoT implementations. 
  • Earlier last month, SAP announced the acquisition of Norwegian company Fedem Technology AS, which would be its first strategic IoT acquisition. 
After the announcement of Brexit last quarter, many were worried about the performance of Europe-based companies. Recently reported second quarter results by ERP leader SAP (NYSE:SAP) appear to have put those concerns to rest. After delivering rather lackluster results in the first quarter, SAP delivered very strong second quarter results that sent the stock soaring to 52-week high levels."


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