Friday, October 7, 2016

Internet of Trains: SAP kits Trenitalia trains with hundreds of sensors | IT PRO

"Trenitalia reboots maintenance and engineering using the IoT, which partner SAP believes is a sign of the next industrial revolution.
 The sunny Italian countryside rattles by at 350km an hour, but it’s not the speeds alone that make Trenitalia’s Frecciarossa trains impressive – it’s the hundreds of sensors beaming 5,000 data points a second into the cloud. 
 Trenitalia is working with SAP to harvest and process that data to completely reimagine train maintenance. At the moment, trains are pulled off the rails for a check-up after a certain number of kilometres or a set amount of time – not unlike taking your car in for an MOT. That takes trains out of service even when they don’t have a fault, costing Trenitalia unnecessarily. By slapping sensors onto every measurable component or part – from the engine to the passenger Wi-Fi – the Italian train firm hopes to not only be able to switch to maintenance when necessary, rather than at a set time, but to predict problems and fix them before they start. “It’s a new way to approach maintenance, better understand the business and intervene when necessary,” said Barbara Morgante, CEO of Trenitalia."
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