Wednesday, October 11, 2017

SAP EM Knowledge Bites 14 - SAP EM integration with SAP Business Workflow

In my previous blog I spoke about the benefits as they pertained to the Order to Cash process. Now it’s time to dive in to a little detail on how to configure certain functionality. 1st up is the integration with SAP Business Workflow…
First a couple of notes before we get started:
  • SAP Business Workflow is tightly integrated with SAP Event Management
  • Several scenarios come with pre-delivered content for creating workflows
  • Can deliver workflows to uers in several ways:
    • SAP Business Workplace
    • Universal Work List (UWL) / Portal
How does the process look?
SAP EM detects exception –> Launch workflow – Take action – “Do work” (OR Send alert – Notification) –> Update status – For reporting
What do we get out of it?
  • Visibility in SAP EM: Status available to all   <– People see an issue is in play
  • Workflow: Real time notification with the right information to the right person with no wait time between issue detection and launching corrective action <– An agent is correcting the issue
E.g. Purchase Order Acknowledgement  with Qty discrepancy: Create PO –> Create PO Acknowledgement for qty < PO –> SAP EM detects the discrepancy and launches corrective action with workflow

Development Steps – SAP ECC

The development steps needed are as follows:
  • STEP 1 – Create the Business Object Event in ECC (transaction SWO1)
    • BUS2012 (Purchase Order)
      • Event: ACK
  • STEP 2 – Create the workflow (transaction PFTC)
    • The BO event ‘ACK’ will trigger the workflow

Configuration Steps – SAP ECC

  • STEP 1 – Activate the SAP EM / workflow event linkage (transaction SWETYPV)
    • Generates the BO event that will ultimately launch the workflow
  • STEP 2 – Activate the BO event linkage (transaction SWETYPV)
    • Example shown below: Object BUS2012 event ACK launches the workflow WS90000001

Configuration Steps – SAP EM

  • STEP 1 – Create the Workflow Activity ID
    • Link BUS2012 (Purchase Order) and  BO Event: ACK
    • Link PO number as the Business Object Key
    • Create and Link the Ack qty as a parameter
  • STEP 2 – Update the Rule Set
    • Call activity WORKFLOW_START (connected to Activity ID created in STEP 1)

Seeing it in action

  • Task list below shows WORKFLOW_START activity was successfully started
  • SWEL shows the event trace with 2 entries. The 1st shows START_WORKFLOW event triggered which starts the 2nd event BUS2012 –> ACK which triggered workflow WS90000001 which appears in the agents workflow inbox (transaction SBWP)
    • Clicking the object in the workflow takes you to ME23N to view the PO
Simple to do and Very, Very powerful, …

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