Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How SAP Business Beyond Bias productizes inclusive processes within SuccessFactors – an illustrated review by Jon Reed

One of SAP’s best stories is its commitment to diversity via its Business Beyond Bias initiative. Powerful videos on diversity set the right tone at SAP, but that wouldn’t hold up in the long haul – not without a deeper effort.
At Sapphire Now 2017, I blogged about my video shoot with Dr. Patti Fletcher, Leadership Futurist with SAP SuccessFactors.
My prior article shows how SAP is tackling the issues, but there’s a big missing piece. Since Sapphire Now, I’ve been tracking how SAP is embedding inclusive processes within SuccessFactors. Tackling “inclusion” in software means confronting algorithmic bias. It means acknowledging that no software is neutral. But it also means helping customers understand their choices. Customers don’t want to be forced down a narrow path of mandatory actions.

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