We are a group of forward thinking, self motivated, experts in our respective fields

Kevin Wilson
Founder and CEO

A 25 year ERP solution veteran and life-long student of Computer Science and Emerging Technologies. Kevin is an evangelist in the Supply Chain Traceability area and regularly gives talks on the topic. He is a published author with a core focus on SAP Solution Architecture. He is also versed in SAP ByDesign Cloud Studio Development and NetSuite Deployment and Configuration.  See short bio here and full resume here.

Kerry Wilson

A life-long commitment to operational excellence and "doing the right thing", makes Kerry the ideal person for looking after all our clients' and consultants' needs.  Kerry has over 15 years of international experience, in both the USA & South Africa, of supporting & operating successful businesses by prioritizing client, consultant, and organizational requirements. 


lynto grice no background.png
Lynton Grice
SAP Integration Advisor

Lynton is extremely passionate about what he does and has enjoyed the last 16 years developing and integrating systems within the SAP ecosystem. A true techie at heart, Lynton is not scared of getting his hands dirty in a huge array of languages, tools and frameworks in order to deliver quality solutions to customers.

Ash no background.png
Αѕh Տаnthаnаm
SAP Solution Architect

Ash has been architecting and delivering innovative solutions for the last 17 years across numerous industries and modules within SAP. People in the industry all agree that Ash somehow has this unique ability to facilitate and communicate often extremely difficult processes and integrations in a very easy to understand manner.