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Kevin Wilson

Principal ERP Solution Architect

Founder and CEO - ERPGenie LLC

Mobile: (760) 809-1495

Skype: sapgenie

LinkedIn: erpgenie


SAP Supply Chain Traceability and Blockchain Expert

SAP Event Management (EM)

SAP Transportation Management (TM)

SAP Workflow, ABAP, ALE / EDI / IDoc

SAP Process Integration (PI)

SAP Global Batch Traceability (GBT)

SAP Object Event Repository (OER)

SAP Global Track and Trace (GTT)

SAP Business by Design Development

NetSuite Implementation and Administration



As an evangelist in the business technology space, I am looking at bridging the gap between business and IT by enabling positive change through people, process and systemic adjustments. I focus on using the right combination of tools for the job....


Kevin Wilson is a seasoned Techno-Functional Consultant having worked with many best-practice ERP business applications like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks and NetSuite.

Since 1996 he has utilized these detailed technical and functional skills to help many companies implement, manage and optimize their business processes.

Kevin speaks regularly at user group meetings and at conferences and has spoken in Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Czech Republic, Brazil, South Africa and France. He regularly gives webinars and training sessions to users on all topics in his area of expertise.

Kevin runs several ERP related on-line communities including ERPGenie.COM and EDIGenie.COM.



  • SAP EM (SAP Event Management) design, configuration and development with 15+ implementations (since 2006).
    Expert in SAP EM / TM integration

  • SAP TM (Transportation Management) – Completed 2 integrations between TM and EM

  • SAP GTT (Global Track and Trace) – Beta testing with SAP GTT development architect

  • SAP OER (Object Event Repository) – Product Tracking & Authentication with 2+ implementations

  • SAP GBT (Global Batch Traceability) with internal SAP training

  • EDI / IDoc config, development, installation and mapping with 8+ full cycle implementations (since 1999)

  • ALE config and development with 5 full cycle implementations. “ALE”ing since 1996

  • ABAP, IDocs, dialog, reports, BAPIs, control framework, … “ABAP”ing since 1996

  • Workflow setup, development and configuration. Development of custom roles, workflow templates, workflow related reporting, objects, methods, … “Workflow”ing since 1996

  • SAP NetWeaver PI interfaces with 1 full cycle implementation

  • Functional areas, including SAP TM, LE, BW, SD, MM, FI / CO, QM, WM, AFS (2 projects)

  • Project Management / Team Lead – Almost all roles were in the PM / lead role

  • Technical competency in NetSuite Administration

  • Functional competency in NetSuite Implementation – Personalization and Configuration



  • Bachelor’s Degree - Computer Science, Mathematics (1990 - University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)

  • Diploma in Project Management (1995 - Cum Laude – School of Project Management, South Africa)



  • Utility

  • .COM

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Aerospace

  • Consulting

  • Defense

  • AFS

  • Warehousing

  • Brewing

  • Hi-Tech

  • Retail

  • Services

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Wholesale

  • Railcar

  • Transportation

  • Mining




SAP Event Management

SAP's best-kept secret...

Author: Kevin Wilson

Published February 2010

This book reveals the secret of SAP Event Management by describing exactly what it is and what it can do for your company.




A Step By Step Guide

Creating A BPM Scenario In SAP XI 3.0

Author: Kevin Wilson

Published September 2012

This book runs through a step by step detailed procedure on how to create an end-to-end BPM process in XI 3.0.




SAP Event Management

Still SAP's best-kept secret...

Author: Kevin Wilson

Published September 2016

Many tips, tricks and sample code are found throughout the book. This is now a “must have” for any SAP EM consultant or developer. 




  • Presented ALE paper at international ALE user group in Boston, 1998

  • Presented several sessions at ASUG and SAP Insider Conferences (USA, Europe and South America)

  • Presented 3hr boot camp session on “Serialized Track and Trace” - SAP Insider SCM conference (2012)

  • Keynote speech on SAP IOT, Blockchain and Supply Chain Traceability at Mastering SAP Supply Chain Conference (2019) – South Africa



  • Co-Founder (1999) and webmaster of an extensive SAP portal (ERPGenie.COM) providing practical information to fellow SAP and ERP consultants. Kevin’s focus is on education and knowledge sharing

  • Founder of the SAP EM LinkedIn Forum

  • Founder of the EDI LinkedIn Forum (3,300+ members)

  • Established and moderator of the SCN SAP EM forum

  • Moderator for the SCN SAP EM wiki

  • Chairperson of the SAP Event Management Influence Council, 2008

  • Co-chairperson of ALE User Group (South Africa), 1998

  • Member of the Computer Society of South Africa, 1998



07/19 – present                   Energy Drink

SAP EDI / PI Test Lead

Leading the initiative to test all customer facing EDI messages moving on to the SAP NetWeaver PI platform.


06/19 - present                Wholesaler for hospitality industry 

SAP Event Management (EM) and EDI Solution Architect

Providing SAP EM and EDI configuration and development via web services.


07/19 – 08/19                       Brewery – Miller Coors                                            Milwaukee, WI

SAP EM Design Review

Reviewing the current SAP TM, SNC, ECC, EM design for accuracy, performance and efficiency improvement opportunities. Main focus was looking at improving SAP TM performance.


07/19 – 08/19                       Hight-Tech – Apple                                                 Cupertino, CA

SAP EM Design Review

Reviewing the current SAP EM architecture to identify areas for improvement.


01/18 – 06/2019                   Garment Rental Services – Cintas (AFS)      Mason, OH

SAP EM Architect, Configurer  and Developer

Designed and implemented several new improvements in the PTP / OTC / CRM processes. Adjusted SAP EM to stabilize and improve performance of event postings (61% overall improvement in performance).

SAP EDI Advisor

Principal advisor on EDI strategy including team composition, translator selection and overall EDI strategy


05/17 – 12/18                       Innovation COE Initiative (SAP and Mouri Tech)                Dallas, TX

Project Manager, Thought Leader, Designer and Developer

Spearheading 2 separate Proof of Concept (POC) initiatives to integrate new SAP technologies with each other to provide a 21st century experience in the product traceability space. Leveraging SAP EDI, SAP Event Management, Internet of Things sensors and SAP BlockChain.


11/18 – 06/19                       Aircraft Manufacturer - Gulfstream                          Savannah, GA

SAP EM Architect, Configurer and Developer

Led a team that implemented a track and trace POC between an IOS device and SAP Event Management


05/17 – 12/17                       Oil & Gas - BP                                Houston, TX

Program Manager and Thought Leader- Supply Chain Optimization

Led 2 teams bringing about changes to people, process & technology for the Supply Chain in the operations business.


01/17 – Present               Software - SAP                                     Remote

SAP Global Track and Trace (GTT) Architect

Attended 2 workshops, driven by SAP, on SAP GTT to learn more on GTT & provide input / feedback on the product.

Worked directly with the SAP solution architect for SAP GTT out of Walldorf on the beta version of the product. Provided detailed analysis and feedback on the product and gaps for use in making the product better.


12/15 – 05/17                   Software - Microsoft                                        Seattle, WA

SAP Event Management (EM) Architect

Designed and implemented a serialized Track and Trace solution with SAP EM.


01/13 – 05/17                   High-Tech - Apple                                        Cupertino, CA

SAP Event Management (EM) Architect

Provide SAP EM architectural knowledge to design the required solutions. Mentored and educated the on-site SAP EM consultants. Co-ordinated on-site resources to deliver desired results on time and within budget.


01/16 - 06/16                    Defense – US Navy                                        Remote

SAP Project Manager

Led the team to review new system capabilities.


01/16 - 05/17                    Wholesaler for hospitality industry – HD Supply      Poway, CA

SAP Event Management (EM) and EDI Solution Architect

Designed web services to extract data from SAP EM to display to the end customer via a web interface. Put together the FDS and Configuration documents to enable the enhanced customer status visibility for the client.

Leading the effort to bring EDI carrier status notification visibility to the Procure to Pay process by leveraging SAP Logistics Execution, EDI and SAP EM technology.


06/14 – 05/15                    Bookstore - Indigo                                        Canada

SAP Event Management (EM) Architect and EDI Architect

Designed and implemented a transportation Track and Trace solution incorporating EDI carrier status notifications (Bookings, Shipments, Containers) in to the SAP EM suite. Integrated the solution with the PO to GR process, also tracked through SAP EM. Co-ordinate remote resources to deliver desired results on time and within budget.


06/10 - 01/15                     Wholesaler for hospitality industry – HD Supply            Poway, CA

Enterprise Architect, SAP EDI Lead, SAP Workflow Lead, SAP EM Lead, Designer, Configurer, and Developer

Implemented SAP Event Management procurement visibility process, Order to Cash, Delivery, Invoice, and Production Order tracking Event Handlers. Provided direction and advice to client on the processes, technologies and techniques to employ, to help achieve business goals. Created training material and delivered training on SAP EM, IDoc and EDI development, Workflow development and design, and ABAP debugging tips and tricks.

Managed and architected 2 projects in the SAP EDI area. 1 project dealt with Supplier EDI ensuring that standard processes were being adopted by the business and IT (associated documents 850, 855, 856, 810, 824, 864, 870). The 2nd project dealt with bringing a 3PL warehouse in to the mix (associated documents: 856, 944, 940, 945)


01/13 – 05/17                    Consulting Services - SAP and Q Data               Naperville, IL

SAP Global Batch Traceability Implementer

Attended the “by invitation only” SAP GBT workshop in Newtown Square provided by SAP’s product development team. Installed and implemented SAP GBT on the Reveal servers.


11/13 – 12/13                    Pharma - Roche                                        Switzerland

SAP Event Management (EM) and OER Architect

This was a 6 week POC project to show whether SAP EM was a good fit for the business need. Designed the SAP EM solution by running workshops with the business users to extract requirements and convert those in to our SAP EM Design template. Completed the 6 week POC on time and in budget.


9/13 – 9/13                        Pharma - Perrigo                                        Michigan

SAP Architect (SAP OER and AII)

Conducted a 1-week review of current SAP OER and AII design. Guided the client towards a standard solution providing a path forward to resolving found issues.


04/13 – 08/13                    Bottling Services – Coca Cola Amatil                      Sydney, Australia

SAP Event Management (EM) Architect, Configurer and Developer

Designed the SAP EM solution for providing visibility to shipments through integration with ECC and the handheld devices of the drivers. This solution made the first use of the SAP EM 9.0 map functionality using SAP Visual Business. Kevin was the SAP assigned ramp-up coach for the SAP EM 9.0 implementation and completed the needed SAP ECC shipment configuration.


01/13 – 05/17                    Dairy equipment manufacturer - DeLaval                      Glinde, Germany

SAP Event Management (EM) Support

Provide ongoing support for the current customized SAP EM application as part of our Support On Demand offering. Co-ordinate remote resources to deliver desired results on time and within budget.


03/12 - 12/13                    Railway - CPR                                      Calgary, Canada

SAP Event Management (EM) Architect

Assisted CP with their SAP EM architectural design around the integration of SAP Transportation Management 9.0 and SAP EM 9.0. The solution covered using SAP EM to address the billing of customers for assessorial charges. In addition – Supported and educated team on SAP TM / EM integration and visibility processes


06/11 - 03/12                    Micro Chip Manufacturer (Top 100 of Fortune 500)         San Jose, CA

SAP Event Management (EM) Architect, Designer

Implement enhanced SAP Event Management outbound delivery visibility process made available through the configured SAP EM Web UI. Created training material and delivered training to team on SAP EM development.


11/12 - 11/12                    Dairy equipment manufacturer - DeLaval     Glinde, Germany

SAP Event Management (EM) Architect

Retained by DeLaval to review the current SAP EM implementation and provide an assessment of where things could be improved and to scope out a potential upgrade from SAP EM 5.1 to SAP EM 7.01 or SAP EM 9.0.


03/12 - 03/12                    3 PL - Linfox                     Melbourne, Australia

SAP Solution Architect

Assisted Linfox with their SAP architectural design around the integration of SAP TM 8.1 and SAP EM 7.01. The solution will address the gaps in being able to apportion out and charge the relevant applicable fees.


08/10 - 03/11                    Micro Chip Manufacturer (Top 100 of Fortune 500)                  Chandler, AZ

SAP Event Management (EM) Architect, Designer, SAP Workflow Developer, EDI Architect

Implement enhanced SAP Event Management procurement visibility process, including inbound delivery, invoice receipt and carrier tracking (EDI 214) Event Handlers. Created SAP EM development training material and delivered training to team


06/09 - 06/10                    IT Assembler / Manufacturer - Amkor                Chandler, AZ

SAP ABAP and Workflow Developer

Developed the following objects: Workflow templates, rules, business objects, classes, function modules, BAdIs, program to

call ABAP proxy – All in the FICO space / revenue recognition


06/08 - 02/09                    Micro Chip Manufacturer (Top 100 of Fortune 500)                      Chandler, AZ

SAP Event Management (EM) Architect, Designer, Configurer, and Developer

Implemented the RTI and PTA scenario on an Object Event Repository (OER) instance interfacing via XI to AII and the EPCIS capture interface. Also implemented the outbound delivery visibility process.


10/08 - 02/09                    Los Angeles based Movie Studio – Warner Brothers                    Burbank, CA

SAP Event Management (EM) Architect, Designer, Configurer, and Developer

Implemented Purchase to Pay and Order to Cash scenario. Trained functional consultants on SAP EM functionality and the ABAP consultants on how to code in the SAP EM space whilst providing architectural solution guidance. Integrated PTP SAP EM process with outbound EDI (related EDI messages: 850)


06/08 - 07/09                    Shoe Manufacturer – Asics (AFS)                     Irvine, CA

SAP Event Management (EM) Project Manager, Architect, Designer, Configurer, and Developer

Implementing a new end-to-end order to cash visibility process covering events in the Sales Order, Delivery, Shipment, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Acknowledgement, Invoice, Accounting document. Used the SAP EM AI, BAPI call and IDoc to interface with SAP EM. Developed custom report to interface with the SAP EM data. Also implemented the Web Dynpro UI to SAP EM.

SAP EDI Project Manager, Designer, Configurer, and Developer

Some current EDI functionality is trapped in a custom made system. I was responsible for bringing these transactions out and into SAP by using EDI IDoc, dialog module and workflow techniques (related EDI messages: 850, 855, 860, 856, 810, 940, 888, 832, 846, 870, 816, 812). As project manager I was responsible for ensuring the projects were implemented, testing was conducted, training was delivered and solution was implemented. As new users of workflow I had to establish a workflow culture at the client.

Delved deeply in to SD and LE AFS structures at a functionality, table and IDoc segment level.


Previous Experience

  • 2008: Linon (Furniture Manufacturer) – SAP EDI Lead, Designer

  • 2007: Eclipse Aviation (Aircraft Manufacturer) – SAP EM Trainer

  • 2003 – 2008: Insight Enterprises (Electronics VAR) – SAP EM / EDI / Workflow / PI Lead

  • 2003 – Current: Maisto (Toy Car Manufacturer) – SAP SD, WM, EDI, ABAP

  • 2002 – 2003: Eclipse Aviation (Aircraft Manufacturer) – SAP Workflow

  • 2002: Wella Corp. (Shampoo and Cosmetics) – SAP EDI

  • 2001: Dallas European (Spare Auto Parts) – SAP ABAP

  • 2001 – 2002: Northrop Grumman (National Defense Contractor) – SAP EDI / ITS

  • 2001: Taiyo Yuden (Microochip Manufacturer) – SAP EDI / ALE

  • 2000 – 2001: iLogistics (Logistics Services) – SAP EDI / ITS

  • 1999 – 2000: (Online retailer) – SAP EDI / ITS

  • 1999 – 2000: Aquaria – SAP EDI

  • 1999: Compaq (Computer Manufacturer) – SAP ALE

  • 1996 – 1999: Eskom (Electricity Utility – South Africa) – SAP ALE / EDI / ABAP / Workflow


Education Detail

University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • BS Computer Science (Mathematics and Computer Science (with distinction)) - 1990

School of Project Management, South Africa
  • Diploma in Project Management (with distinction) - 1995


  • NetSuite Essentials (2019)
  • SuiteSuccess Methodology for Delivery (2019)
  • NetSuite: Administrator Fundamentals (2019)
SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Cloud Applications Studio Development - SAP Business ByDesign (2019)
  • SAP GTT workshop, SAP Walldorf (2017, 2018)

  • SAP GBT workshop, Newtown Square (2013)

  • SAP TM / EM Integration Workshop, SAP Labs – Palo Alto (2012)

  • TM100 Processes in SAP Transportation Management (2012)

  • TM110 Planning in SAP Transportation Management (2011)

  • SRF010_52 SAP RFID-enabled Supply Chain (2011)

  • TZAI7e SAP Auto-ID Enterprise 7.0 (2011)

  • SRF010 SAP RFID-enabled Supply Chain Execution (2011)

  • SAP Transportation Management (TM) 8.1 Bootcamp, Waldorf (2011)

  • RASCEM training, San Francisco (November 2007) – Ramp up Training on SAP EM 5.1

  • WAS development (SAP Developers Conference 2002)

  • BW205 Business Information Warehouse overview (V4) (1999)

  • BW210 Configuring Business Information Warehouse (V4) (1999)

  • BC400 Development workbench (1998)

  • BC410 Dialog programming (1998)

  • CA910 SAP ALE (1998)

  • CA920 Internet application component development (1998)

  • ALE Scenario Development course (SAP development partner) (1998)

  • BC50 Basis Overview (1997)

  • BC40 Functional Overview (1997)


Blockchain Council, USA
  • Certified Blockchain Expert (2018)



Ramp-up Engagements
  • SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight 4.0 Implementation (2011/2012),

  • SAP Transportation Management 8.1 (2012) and 9.0 (2013)

  • SAP Event Management 9.0 (SAP coach)

  • SAP Global Batch Traceability 2.0 (2014)


Rapid Deployment Solution
  • SAP Event Management - Order tracking and exception management


SAP Beta-Testing
  • SAP Global Track and Trace (2017)

  • SAP ABAP - Objects / classes, BAdIs, Functions, Activity Coding, BOPF

  • mySQL

  • PHP

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • FTP scripting

  • Gentran NT

  • XML

  • English (written and spoken)

  • Afrikaans (written and spoken)

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