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Niche expertise in SAP's Supply Chain visibility and traceability solutions

ERPGenie's consulting services are strategically focused on SAP's track and trace solutions. In short we have industry-leading skills delivering real value to our clients in the following areas:
  1. SAP Event Management (EM) - Business Process Track and Trace
  2. SAP Global Batch Traceability (GBT) - Enterprise Batch Genealogy
  3. SAP Global Track and Trace (SAP's new cloud-based Track and Trace offering)
  4. SAP Operational Process Intelligence (SAP OPInt) - Real-time Process Analytics
  5. SAP Business Process Observer (POB) - SAP ECC Process Monitoring
  6. SAP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Cross-enterprise Business Process Automation
Additionally we provide the needed services when using these traceability solutions in conjunction with other key SAP Supply Chain modules which include:
  1. SAP Transportation Management (TM)
  2. SAP Global Trade Services (GTS)
  3. SAP Supplier Network Collaboration (SNC)
  4. SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  5. SAP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Lastly, because traceability solutions depend on events being delivered from all types of systems, not only from SAP, we have developed a core competence around integration technologies which include:
  1. SAP NetWeaver Process Intelligence (PI)
  2. SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF)
  3. SAP IoT (Internet of Things)
  4. SAP Leonardo
  5. SAP Blockchain - Distributed ledger technology
Trust your SAP Supply Chain Visibility and Traceability with those that do it for a living...

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